Sunday, September 14, 2014

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When you contribute to Outdoor Ed you are helping other outdoor education professionals like yourself keep up to date on important news, expand their professional skills, and network with others like yourself. There are lots of ways you can contribute.

News Links

See some important news item on the Web? Send us the link and a short description and if it looks good we'll post it on our News Section.

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If you have breaking news about your organization, fill out the Press Release form and email us. We'll review it and if it meets our editorial goals and standards, we'll post it for you. Remember that we don't use our Press Release section for things that we already post elsewhere on the site like Jobs or Trainings. If you want post those, hope on over to your Company Profile.

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Become a Blogger

If you'd like to write on outdoor education on a regular basis, contact us about making you one of our regular Bloggers and join a crew of professionals in the field sharing their expertise. Contact us and share a bit of your writing.

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Upload Curriculum Files and other Resources

Our Media & Files Library is a great resource for everything from Risk Management Training PowerPoints to PDFs of Kayaking Curriculum. Sharing your knowledge moves us all forward. In order to Upload files you need to Join the Outdoor Ed Community.

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Our Video section is jam packed with great educational videos on outdoor education from across the Web including YouTube, Vimeo and other sites. You can share your favorite videos with the community by uploading the links to our Media Section. In order to submit videos you need to Join the Outdoor Ed Community.

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Copyright and Permissions

Outdoor Ed respects the intellectual property rights of the original authors. If you submit something, either you should be the author, it should be something in the public domain (like a link to an outside site), or it should be published under a "share alike" license like the Creative Commons License. If you submit anything, you are agreeing that it falls under one of these categories. All submissions will be reviewed to make sure they meet our editorial standards before being accepted.

Author's Rights & Legal Issues

We respect the rights of all authors for your creative works and if you submit your content to Outdoor Ed, you as the original author retain the right to use the material in any other setting as you see fit. By submitting it for publication, you are granting Outdoor Ed LLC the right to post this material on our site(s). If this material has already been published in another copyrighted work by you the author, you and/or your publisher must grant us permission to reproduce it here at no charge. Once submitted to and accepted for publication all submissions become the part of our site and Outdoor Ed retains the right to publish the material on the Web at this or other Web sites we administer. Outdoor Ed may not use the material in any non-Web form of publication without the express permission of the author(s).

When using material from other sources, it is your responsibility to respect the rights of other authors like yourself. Authors are legally required to properly cite their sources and include it in a bibliography or reference section at the end of your article. Outdoor Ed LLC does not assume any liability for copyright infringement on articles submitted to us. It is the author's responsibility to properly cite material and the author is liable for any copyright infringement.

If you feel that material that you produced has been posted on our site without your permission, please Contact Us right away so that we can review your request to remove the material.