Thanks to Nina Roberts for passing on the details about the AEE Conference Videos. We've posted them here at Outdoor Ed.

Video Journals by Tom Lindblade (in order as received by Tom): 

1)  AEE 2007 Video 1 (10:03 min)

  • Tom L. behind the camera commentary, chat with Will Marble and his new "AEE baby"
  • Binky Tollette (Conf. Convener), opening/welcome comments
  • Jasper Hunt, Opening Keynote Speaker
  • Karl Rohnke, PlayNote 
2)  AEE 2007 Video 2 (9:39 min)
  • Sanford Tollette sets the tone and breaks out harmonica
  • Snippet about Professional Groups
  • Minnijean Brown Trickey, Conference Keynote (one of the "Little Rock 9")
  • Nina Roberts, Kurt Hahn Address 
3)  AEE 2007 Video 3 (3 separate videos) At the request of OFA ("old folks and allies"), Chris Cavert, Sam Sikes and Tom Lindblade conducted a series of three group interviews with twelve prominent AEE members at this AEE International Conference.  The first three of those interviews with Marianne Scippa, Karl Rohnke, and Rob Rubendall are edited and available at this link above. 

4)  AEE 2007 Video 4 (5 min)

  • The last two days ...and looking into the future...
  • Clips from the Annual General Meeting (board report)
  • International Global Dinner and auction ("who knew that a scarecrow could be worth $600 dollars!")
  • Closing ceremony - (this was fabulous!)