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Latest Legal Case: Your Duty of Care—Where Does it Begin and End?

Duty of Care is the legal duty to protect another from harm. It is the first element that must be established to proceed with an action in negligence. When you bring a client into your program, you almost always establish some duty of care to that client. But where does this duty begin and where does it end? A recent sexual assault case in Maine where the assualt happened after the program explores this delicate legal issue and raises some critical questions for things that happen outside your program. Now that many programs are using social networking like Facebook pages, discussion forums, and Twitter as follow-up tools after a program, everyone should understand this legal issue. Reb Gregg and Catherine Hansen-Stamp, the legal authorities at the Adventure & Recreation Law Center, review the details of this Maine case. Subscribe now and gain access to the complete library of Legal Cases.

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    Dr. Paul Auerbach joins Outdoor Ed as a contributer

    Outdoor Ed is excited to welcome Dr. Paul Auerbach, world-renowned wilderness medicine expert, to the slate of contributers to Outdoor Ed. We will be periodically publishing articles from his Wilderness Medicine Blog on Healthline. Paul is the author...

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    Two People in a Sleeping Bag

    If you teach a class on treating hypothermia in the wilderness you are bound to be asked about the value of a warm person snuggling with a cold person in a sleeping bag. Actually, snuggling may not be the best word, because putting aside the giggles this...
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QC Lab: Daisy chain dangers

First, lets be clear: daisy chains are for aid climbing NOT for use as part of your personal anchor system...
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This is Canoeing

Justine Curgenven follows up her popular sea kayaking video series with This is Canoeing , an artistic...
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Get Out on Rock - Abseiling (Rappeling)

An example clip from the popular Get Out On Rock DVD. In this section Libby Peter's talks you through...
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America’s Wildest Refuge: Discovering the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

America’s Wildest Refuge: Discovering the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge -- This hour-long, high...
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Being Caribou

On April 8, 2003, husband and wife team Karsten Heuer (wildlife biologist) and Leanne Allison (environmentalist...
Posted to: Nature & Environment
by 183
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