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Latest Legal Case: Your Duty of Care—Where Does it Begin and End?

Duty of Care is the legal duty to protect another from harm. It is the first element that must be established to proceed with an action in negligence. When you bring a client into your program, you almost always establish some duty of care to that client. But where does this duty begin and where does it end? A recent sexual assault case in Maine where the assualt happened after the program explores this delicate legal issue and raises some critical questions for things that happen outside your program. Now that many programs are using social networking like Facebook pages, discussion forums, and Twitter as follow-up tools after a program, everyone should understand this legal issue. Reb Gregg and Catherine Hansen-Stamp, the legal authorities at the Adventure & Recreation Law Center, review the details of this Maine case. Subscribe now and gain access to the complete library of Legal Cases.

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    WFA Scope of Practice Document Update

    The Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course, widely taught by numerous providers, can be burdened with unrealistic expectations of the topics and skills that can be taught in a basic layperson first aid program. In 2010 , sensing a need to clarify what first...
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    Hantavirus in Yosemite National Park

    by Paul Auerbach Our National Parks are a treasured heritage, and one of the ways in which we appreciate the outdoors. Millions of visitors flock to the parks in order to camp, hike, climb, swim and most of all, appreciate the wonder and natural beauty...
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    Wilderness First Aid Retention Study

    Wilderness First Aid (WFA) courses are taught by multiple individuals and programs. They have become a standard for people working and recreating in the outdoors. Are they effective? Can the participants remember the information? Can they perform the...
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The hardest part of climbing ice is not climbing ice it is placing protection. Paul (not his real name...
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What to do if you fall through the ice

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Outdoor Action Program Outdoor Orientation Program Leader's Manual

The Princeton University Outdoor Action Program is one of the best known college outdoor orientation...
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Program Management: Communicating with Families in Challenging Situations

Article from the 2007 Wilderness Risk Management Conference Proceedings by Laura Herrin from the Wilderness...
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