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Latest Legal Case: Your Duty of Care—Where Does it Begin and End?

Duty of Care is the legal duty to protect another from harm. It is the first element that must be established to proceed with an action in negligence. When you bring a client into your program, you almost always establish some duty of care to that client. But where does this duty begin and where does it end? A recent sexual assault case in Maine where the assualt happened after the program explores this delicate legal issue and raises some critical questions for things that happen outside your program. Now that many programs are using social networking like Facebook pages, discussion forums, and Twitter as follow-up tools after a program, everyone should understand this legal issue. Reb Gregg and Catherine Hansen-Stamp, the legal authorities at the Adventure & Recreation Law Center, review the details of this Maine case. Subscribe now and gain access to the complete library of Legal Cases.

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  • Wilderness Medicine

    Lightning in the Mountains

    I spent last week in the Wind Rivers with my daughter and two of my sons. One afternoon at 10,000’ we had a tremendous thunderstorm, likely fueled by monsoon moisture drifting north from the remnants of hurricane Dean. Thor’s bolts and simultaneous flash...

    Last Child In the Woods?

    Richard Louv's provocative new book discusses what he calls "Nature Deficit Disorder"- a non-medical term that indicates the decline in outdoor play amongst the current generation of kids. From the jacket cover: the amount of space kids...
  • Risk Management

    All Risks Are Perceived

    I agree that we cannot have an adventurous experience without experiencing risk. It is my opinion, however, that we do a diservice to ourselves, our staff and our clients in maintaining the deceptive concept of actual vs percieved risks. A few years ago...
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White Water & Swift Water Rescue Techniques: How to Wade Solo

How to wade through white water in this free swift water rescue video. Expert: Fergus Coffey Contact...
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by 279

A Long Story Short: Surf Kayaking by Vincent Shay

This short video by photographer Vincent Shay ( ) a tribute to surf kayaking around...
Posted to: Paddling
by 686

This is Canoeing

Justine Curgenven follows up her popular sea kayaking video series with This is Canoeing , an artistic...
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Kayaking the White Salmon River, Autumn - Kate Wagner

Deep canyons with steep, spring fed creeks, make White Salmon, Washington a paddling paradise. The Banks...
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by 745

A paddle for one armed use - adaptive paddling

Cindy Dillenschneider, professor of Outdoor Education at Northland College has developed a canoe paddle...
Posted to: Paddling
by 647
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