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  • File: Eskimo Roll - The Hand Roll with Ken Whiting

    Learn how to do a hands roll in a sea kayak with expert paddler Ken Whiting from the DVD Rolling a Kayak - Sea Kayaking by the Heliconia Press. The most comprehensive, clear, and concise guide to learning and perfecting the roll in a sea kayak. Provides novice sea kayakers with the fundamental skills...
  • File: Common Threads of Kayak Rolls

    This gives the experienced kayaker food for thought. A must see for the beginner. Though these rolls are completely different note the common threads when they are properly done.By Chris Spelius of Expediciones Chile.
  • File: Back Deck Rodeo Roll Identifier

    The Back Deck Rodeo roll used in play and siatuations is often misunderstood. Smooth, quick and safe you should take a look at this video to see how it is done. A slight variation to this roll allows the face to stay dry during the roll.By Chris Spelius of Expediciones Chile.
  • File: Back Deck Sweep Roll Identifier

    The back deck roll sweep roll. A variation that de-emphasizes the set up is called the EJ roll. From Chris Spelius of Expediciones Chile.
  • File: C to C Kayak Roll Identifier

    The C to C kayak roll is commonly known as the hip snap or hip flick roll. This sequence will help you understand which roll you are doing and define the movement that is required to get the most our of the popular roll.From Chris Spelius of Expediciones Chile.
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