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Risk management Plan

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  • I am wondering if anyone knows of a location on the web to find examples or good insights on creating a solid and thorough risk management plan for college programs.  We do not have a full, complete plan, but more of many guidelines in different places, I want to put together a full plan with activity guidelines.


    Keith McCallister

    Program Director



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    Check out the FEMA website.

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  • Keith, I wasn't clear if you were looking for a Risk Management Plan or an Emergency Response Plan. A Risk Management Plan is of course a huge thing that covers all aspects of a program from insurance to training to emergency response. An Emergency Response plan is obviously a subset of this and is strictly focused on how to respond to en emergency. I've included a link to a Risk Management Plan I developed for Princeton. It's a PDF of a MindManager Map which show you some of the major topic areas of a Risk Management Plan. (I find MindManager to be an incredibly helpful software tool for developing things that are this complicated).

    Rick Curtis
    Princeton University

    Risk Management Mind Map (PDF)




    Outdoor Ed is the pseudonym for Rick Curtis
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  • Keith,

    I recommend NOLS' Risk Management Training. It is a two day seminar that guides risk managers through the process of building a comprehensive risk management plan.  http://www.nols.edu/nolspro/risk_management_admin_training.shtml

    Brian Fabel
    NOLS Professional Training

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