Friday, September 19, 2014

How to Create a New Company Directory Profile

1. Go to the Outdoor Ed Store and purchase your annual profile

2. Order Confirmation Page

After completing Check Out on the Store you'll be on the Order Confirmation Page. At the top you'll see the Fulfill Your Order section with the list of items that you ordered along with the Quantity Available. If you still have postings available you'll see a Login and Post button. Click on the Login and Post button and it will automatically take you to the Login page where you can submit your posting.

Store Order Confirmation page screenshot

3. Creating a Company Profile

Make sure that there isn't a previous Company Profile on our site. If so, Renew the Exiting Profile. If Not, click the Create a New Company Profile button.

New 1

4. Enter your Profile

Now you'll be at the New Profile page. Complete the information about your company and press the Submit button. All company profiles must be reviwed by Outdoor Ed before being activated. This typically takes 2-3 business days. We will email you when your profile has been activated. Until it has been activated you cannot post jobs or trainings.


Log Out

When you have completed submitted all of your order you are automatically logged out.

Accessing Your Order from the Confirming Email

Another way of fulfilling your posting is from your Order Confirmation Email. Click on the Login and Post link in your Order Confirmation Email take you through the same process outlined above.