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  10.        Keystone Science School is now hiring for Summer 2012 positions!

    Since 1976, Keystone Science School has welcomed campers from all over the world to our historic campus in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

    Our Philosophy
    We believe every child deserves camp. Camp teaches kids valuable social skills, independence, and bonds people together like few other experiences. We bring in the added element of outdoor education, combining science, adventure, and fun to create life-changing experiences for every child we serve.

    Our Campus
    At an elevation of 9,200 feet, our 23-acre campus is nestled in Colorado’s Snake River Valley and is built on the site of the Old Keystone Village, a former railroad and sawmill site which supported silver and gold mining. Today, majestic mountain ranges provide a dynamic setting for learning about the rich natural and cultural history of Summit County.
    Residential campers stay in one of our two log-style dormitories featuring bunk beds, bathrooms with showers, and community space. Rives Hall, situated between the two dormitories, serves a dual purpose as a dining hall and meeting space for activities and indoor presentations. We offer astronomy programming in our on-site observatory, and the adjacent yurt (a cozy, free-standing round classroom) provides additional teaching space.

    Our Staff
    We’re proud to employ an amazing team of counselors and leaders who are passionate about providing children with the opportunities and skills to learn about science, explore the world around them, and grow into engaged citizens. Each of our instructors is certified in a minimum of Wilderness First Aid and CPR, and most come to us with experience in scientific studies, teaching, or both. Their goal, above all, is to provide a safe, engaging educational experience that will enrich your child’s life for years to come.

    To find out more about the Summer of Legend 2012, go to: http://www.keystone.org/cfe/kss/summer-programs

  11. -Crossover Counselor: Lives on campus and works with both day camp and residential programs. (WFA required)
    -WILD Crossover Counselor: Lives on campus, works with both day camp and residential programs, and eligible to work Keystone Mountain Adventures program. (WFR required)
    -Day Camp Counselor: Lives off campus and works with day camp program. (WFA required)
    -Day Camp Director: Lives off campus and manages day camp program. (WFA required)
    -Program Director: Lives on campus and develops and implements programming.
    • Outdoor Education Center
    • Youth - K-12
  13. Please fill out the Keystone Science School Summer Program Application (http://www.keystone.org/about-us/employment) and send to Keystone Science School, 1628 Sts. John Road, Keystone, CO 80435 or fax to (970) 468-7769 or e-mail to: [email protected] Applicants will also need to submit a cover letter of intent and a resume highlighting relevant experience.
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  15. Keystone Science School
  16. http://www.keystone.org/about-us/employment
  17. 1628 Sts Johns Rd.
  18. Keystone
  19. CO
  20. 80435
  21. US
  22. 970-468-2098
  23. 970-468-7769
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