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Joining is a great way to learn and grow as a professional, support the field of outdoor education, and promote your school or organization. OutdoorEd is the premiere resource for outdoor education professionals to learn and share information. That's why so many people come to the site and why so many AORE members use When people search for information on outdoor education and recreation, they come to

  • Great Content: brings you fresh and exciting content including news items, press releases, conference information, videos, blogs, articles, and documents.
  • Job Postings & Training Listings: Find jobs from some of the best organizations in the field or find great staff from the AORE community. Search for professional trainings to enhance your skills or bring clients to your trainings.
  • Company & School Profiles: Search for companies, schools and organizations you are interested in or promote your organization to future staff and clients.
  • Mobile-Ready: The site is built on a mobile-first design so it displays equally well on phone, tablet and PC.
  • Enterprise Search: Enterprise search means that one search box leads you to everything on the site.
  • Email Subscriptions for Jobs & Trainings: Users can save Job or Training searches and be automatically emailed on a daily or weekly basis when new postings come in expanding the reach of your postings.
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As the largest online directory of outdoor programs and schools we are the top search result on all major search engines. A Company Profile at showcases your organization to potential clients and staff. We offer the most extensive profile available including full description, links back to your web site, fully searchable categories and YouTube or Vimeo videos and images of your program. If you have a facility-based operation you can include searchable details about your facility—everything from challenge courses and climbing walls to conference facilities and waterfront. Colleges can add details about your degree programs. Being on our site gets you noticed.

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We offer a regular discount for AORE Members. If you are a Professional Member you are eligible for a 10% discount on a Company Profile. Organization members are eligible for a 50% discount. To use your discount login to the AORE Web site and click on Member Benefits and you'll see a Coupon Code for Go to the OutdoorEd Store and enter that coupon code during checkout to activate your discount.

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We bring you in-depth Articles and Blogs from experts in the industry to help you expand your program, Job Postings and Training listings, outdoor industry news, training materials, curriculum, presentations, videos and more. You can contribute by submitting articles or sharing your documents, research and other information from your program with the OutdoorEd community. Do your part to expand our field by contributing. Our industry needs to do more sharing across programs, particularly colleges and universities. To continue to flourish and to be able to make the case to higher administration about our value and our expertise, we need to publish and share our best practices, ideas and experience, that way everyone benefits. Outdoor Education isn’t just about teaching our clients, it’s also about each of us continuing to learn as professionals. That means each of us as a staying up to date with our field in order for our industry to remain vibrant, professional and safe. has built the very best sharing platform for our industry. Now, it’s your turn. Share what you know. We’ve created a full range of content types so you can present and publish your material in a variety of different ways:

Blogs - Blogs are a great format for authors interested in publishing on a regular or semi-regular basis and focus on your impressions and insight into important topics in outdoor education.

Articles - Our Articles are best for more structured content. They should be a stand-alone piece similar to a magazine article, journal article or conference presentation. You can include downloadable files and video in each article.

Documents - The Documents section is for uploading or linking to downloadable documents to share in a variety of formats (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). The document itself is the primary content and the Web page includes a brief description as well as links to other Web sites. This is great for training materials, curriculum, staff manuals, and content published elsewhere including research papers, journal articles, dissertations, etc.

Media - Our Media section lets you post YouTube and Vimeo videos on the full range of topics. These can be your pieces or some of your favorite videos about outdoor education. Our great search features make it easy for people to track down these gems.

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