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American Heart Association & Red Cross Release New CPR Guidelines

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Article URL: 2015 AHA Guidelines Update for CPR & ECC
The American Heart Association has released new guidelines for CPR. The guidelines are based on an international evaluation process that involved hundreds of resuscitation scientists and experts worldwide who evaluated thousands of peer-reviewed publications. The 2015 update provides recommendations on high-priority resuscitation topics where there is sufficient new evidence or controversy requiring a systematic review.

NOLS Diversity & Inclusion Briefing Guide

Source: National Outdoor Leadership School
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Article URL: Wilderness Risk Management Conference
From the Editors at Diversity & Inclusion must be fundamental aspects of all outdoor education programming. As a field we always bring values to the forefront in taking our clients and participants into the outdoors to challenge themselves and and engage in self-discovery. We also need to engage in our own self-discovery about what it means to be part of a diverse world and we need to do better about being more inclusive to those who don't currently see the outdoors as a space for them.

Epinephrine: Medical & Ethical Necessity or Legal Nightmare?

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Article URL: Wilderness & Environmental Medicine Journal
Epinephrine, it’s one of outdoor education’s ‘unspoken secrets.’ Something you don't like to talk about outside your program, lest you raise red flags about how your program operates. And that applies both to programs that carry epinephrine, perhaps against state law, and programs that don’t carry epinephrine, perhaps against the best interest of their clients. Well, it’s time to bring this subject out into the open and talk about a serious medical, ethical and legal issue that impacts all outdoor programs. We'll explore the legal aspects of epinephrine use and an ethical model that supports using epinephrine. If you want more information about epinephrine and anaphylaxis we urge you to read this article and share it with others in your program.
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