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Recreation Law Center: Sports, Negligence, and Inherent Risks--Who Owes What Duty to Whom?

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Source: Recreation Law Center
The Indiana Supreme Court has provided us with a virtual symphony of duty of care issues. Duty is the obligation to protect another from harm. In the case of a teenage girl injured during a sporting event, we see that the duty of care owed to another is fluid, and can change, depending on the nature of the activity, the relationships of the parties to that activity or other factors. Even in the course of a one day hike, a camp semester, or a visit to a climbing gym, for example, the duty of a service provider to a participant can change many times and with it, the provider’s exposure and liability.

Recreation Law Center: Legal Definitions

Source: Recreation Law Center
Appeal (Appellate Court) An action taken by a party disappointed with a lower court’s ruling, seeking a higher court’s review of that ruling.  The Appellate Court (Appeals Court) may overturn, approve, or, in some cases, modify the lower court ruling. The Appellate Court may send the case back to the trial court for further action consistent with its ruling.

Risk Management Training: Kick Your RM Practices into Tip-Top Shape

Source: NOLS Blog
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After years spent churning around the corporate buzzword blender, the phrase “risk management” has too often become associated with lengthy legal documents filled with useless jargon and stale policies. For the thousands of organizations in the outdoor recreation industry, this perceived norm is not acceptable. Neither lingo nor blanketed universal procedures are suitable when peoples’ well-being and, in many cases, lives are on the line.
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