IncidentAnalytix: Cloud-based Solutions for Incident Tracking and Analytics

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Elevate your Risk Management Practices to a whole new level with the IncidentAnalytix Platform

Managing risk effectively means understanding your incident trends. Organizations must be able to effectively track and analyze detailed information about incidents and close calls in real time. With actionable data, users can quickly evaluate trends and implement programmatic responses. The IncidentAnalytix Platform provides a complete Software- as-a-Service hosted in the Cloud with multiple solutions to meet your specific needs.



Solutions for Any Size Organization

Public Cloud: Expand your insights with the Power of Many

Our Public Cloud is perfect for small to medium-sized organizations. Our multi-tenant system securely isolates your data. For analytics purposes we merge anonymized data across the Public Cloud giving you the power of many expanding your insights by allowing you to compare your trends to larger industry trends enhancing your own risk management practices.

Private Cloud: Your own Vertical Integration Platform

Our Private Cloud offers Associations, Membership Organizations, and Large Entities the option to create your own private cloud server with multiple isolated tenants each with multiple users and collective analytics allowing vertical integration for common incident tracking portfolios.

Self-Hosted: Complete Customization for your Enterprise

Corporations and Government Agencies can purchase an independent software license allowing them to host a multi-tenant/multi-user system on their own servers as well as fully customize the software, database schema & analytics for their unique needs.

Advanced Incident Tracking & Data Analytics in the Cloud

Software-as-a-Service hosted in the Cloud means that you get the latest technology without having to maintain costly servers and complex software installations. We provide the hosting environment, secure servers, the most advanced Incident Database Tracking system available, customizable access, and advanced reporting and data analytics all in one complete package.

Cloud Hosted

We provide a complete Cloud-Hosted Solution on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform including fault-tolerant servers, database backup and recovery and Web application firewall security.

Enterprise Solution

Designed from the ground up as a fully-integrated Software-as-a-service solution using the latest software design patterns, continuous deployment, robust security, user-friendly interface & more.


Real-time Analytics

Our intuitive user interface allows your users to easily drill into your data. Our Power BI Analytics integration gives you real-time analysis of trends and patterns.

Actionable Insights from Interactive Data Analytics

One of the special features of the IncidentAnalytix System is the ability to explore your data through our rich analytics platform. This is real-time live data updated as new data comes in. Filter, select and drill down into specifics of your incident data to identify trends and take action.

Incident Analytix Dashboard

Comprehensive Incident Tracking That You Control


  • Incidents & Close Calls
  • Date & Time
  • Program Activity
  • Severity
  • Injury & Illness
  • Behavioral & Legal


  • Persons Involved
  • Staff
  • Participants
  • Witness Accounts
  • Narratives
  • People Notified


  • Environmental Conditions
  • Location
  • Weather
  • Terrain
  • Equipment Involved
  • Property Damage


  • Causal Factors
  • Incident Analysis
  • Legal & Insurance
  • Recommendations
  • Link to Documents
  • Link to Images & Video

IncidentAnalytix SmartGrid

Tracking Incident Data is complex. Understanding what data to collect, designing a complete database system, developing data entry forms and online reports, insuring consistent data entry, and building a robust reporting and analytics system is a huge undertaking often out of reach for many organizations. IncidentAnalytix solves all of that by providing you with a comprehensive Cloud-based solution for all of your incident tracking and risk management assessment needs.

Our secure sign-in system and specialized User Roles allow you to easily configure  and control access across your entire organization. We utilize enterprise-level security to ensure that your data is protected and only accessible to your organization. Within your Profile you create custom Security Roles that manage access only to those areas of the site that you choose and you assign appropriate permissions to each User.

Features on All Editions

Enterprise Features

  • Advanced Data Collection & Incident Tracking
  • Configurable Features & Customizable User Interface
  • Detailed Incident Reports
  • Structured Data means Consistent Analysis

Security Features

  • Multi-Tenant Data Isolation with Row-Level Security
  • Multi-User Application
  • Central Management of your Users
  • Role-based Permissions for individual Web page access

User Interface Features

  • SmartGrids provide Searching, Filtering, Sorting & Grouping
  • Easily drill down into your data
  • View, Add, Edit and Delete from the SmartGrid
  • Responsive on all devices

Incidents happen day or night. The IncidentAnalytix Cloud provides you and your users with 24/7 data access. Designed with an intuitive and flexible user interface, the system makes it easy to enter, search, filter and review your data.

Our multi-tiered data collection process allows you to capture complete information about incidents and close calls throughout your program. At each data level you determine how much information is essential to record. You can even control the User Interface to grant or limit access to what pages are visible and accessible to your users.

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