AEE Webinar: Outdoor Orientation Programs: Current Research and Trends

Event Organizers: 
Mike Gass
Brent Bell
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Jul 24, 2017

Join Drs. Brent Bell and Michael Gass on July 24  to discuss their latest research on outdoor orientation programs in the United States and Canada. Outdoor orientation programs are one of the most important entry points for college students to discover outdoor education. Recent outdoor orientation research demonstrates some important social and educational gains for participants and leaders. This has led to new theories about how outdoor orientation programs work. During this webinar, we will examine the question: How can we maximize the efficacy of our programs based on this new information. Participants should expect to gain a deeper understanding of how outdoor orientation gains are realized. Registrants will gain access to a research paper: The State of Knowledge of Outdoor Orientation Programs: Current Practices, Research, and Theory to read prior to the seminar.

Outdoor Orientation Programs: Current Research and Trends
4 p.m. Eastern time July 24
Cost: $19.95 (members) / $29.95 (non-members)

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