AEE Webinar Series: Lessons from the Field

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Association for Experiential Education
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Jun 13, 2018 to Jun 27, 2018

Being an outdoor educator is not always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes things don’t go as planned and the stories that emerge from these experiences are some of the most valuable teaching tools we have. Join six of AEE’s most experienced outdoor leaders as they share their true stories of life, loss, success, and failure in the field.

This webinar series will consist of three 1-hour webinars. During each session, we will hear selected stories from our panel of experts and then spend some time distilling the lessons learned from each. Stories will touch on core concepts of adventure leadership including ethics, risk management, organization and planning, leadership, judgment, and decision-making. Let’s learn from the best, so we don’t have to make the same mistakes they did.

Our Storytellers:

  • Mike Gass: Director of the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Research Center at UNH
  • Sky Gray: Program Manager, Valley of the Moon Children's Center
  • Pam McPhee: Executive Director of The Browne Center and Clinical Faculty at UNH
  • Denise Mitten: Chair of the Masters in Adventure Education at Prescott College
  • Jed Williamson: President Emeritus, Sterling College; co-authour of AEE’s Manual of Accreditation Standards.
  • Paul Wolf: Outdoor Leadership Program Coordinator, Southwestern Community College


  • June 13th @ 3pm EDT: Mike Gass and Denise Mitten
  • June 20th @ 3pm EDT: Paul Wolf and Jed Williamson
  • June 27th @ 11am EDT: Sky Gray and Pam McPhee

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