Account Deletion Request

We value your privacy and respect your rights to 'own your own data.' You can, at any time, request that your data be removed from our system by completing this form. We will remove your data within 5 business days of receipt of your request. 

There are a few important things to know about the impact of removing your data. For most uses of our site you do not need to login or even have an account to view information on our site. If you decide to set up a User account, it allows you to save information like bookmarks on favorite Articles or other content, subscribe to special Email Notifications when content your are watching for is posted and other advanced features. If you opt to forego these features, you can remove your account.

The one area of the site where you do need to have an account and login is for Posting Content - this can be a Company Profile, Job Postings, Training Listings, Events, etc. We do not allow anonymous posting and require Content Contributors to have an account, and be logged in to post.  For example, if you have purchased a one-year Company Profile, you will need to maintain an account which does include personal information (name, username, email) in order to login and be able to manage your account and your postings. Removing your account would mean that you could no longer manage or submit postings.

If you opt to cancel your Company Profile Subscription, you can request that your Account be removed and we are happy to comply. Please note that our purchase policy states at the time of purchase that there are no refunds given for any cancellations to a paid subscription.

For Security Purposes we require that you submit the information below and that information must match all of the values associated with the account in question.