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Here are instructions for how to get the most out of

How to Post a Video on

These are the instructions for how to post a YouTube or Vimeo video as part of your posting. Embedding Videos is a fantastic way to tell your story and highlight your Company Profile, Job Posting or Training at is the premiere resource for outdoor education programs and professionals. Start posting your Company Profile, Jobs and Trainings online today at

How to add Images to a Post at

Learn how to include images from your Web site on your posting at This is great for Company Profiles, Job Listings, and Training Postings. In some content types you can post multiple images and we automatically group them into a responsive autoscrolling gallery. is the premiere resource for outdoor education programs and professionals. Start posting your Company Profile, Jobs and Trainings online today at

Getting the Most from your Company Profile

Building an Effective Company Profile

Your Company Profile helps people learn about your organization and connect to you so building out a complete Company Profile will get you noticed by potential clients, future staff and others.


The Description is the key element of telling people about what your organization does. We always recommend that you include a short Summary.

Resources at

Becoming an OutdoorEd Affiliate

Affiliates are recognized organizations that play a significant role in the outdoor education industry. Affiliates can be membership organizations, trade associations, individual companies, equipment manufacturers and others.

Affiliates are given special access to publishing on Publication options include:

Reactivate a Company Profile

Your Company Profile has a New Home

If you have a Company Profile on our old site, then we've ported ported your basic Company Profile and any Jobs and Trainings you have over to the new site. Your old login information no longer works on our new site. Here's what to do to reactivate your Company Profile on the new site.

Services at

Services offers a complete set of services to help you run great programs, find the best staff, learn new skills and techniques and stay abreast of critical legal and risk management issues. Here's a sampling of what we offer:

Company & School Profiles: We have the largest online directory of outdoor education companies, schools and organizations.

Job Postings: Jobs postings with advanced search, automatic email reminders and saved Job searches will help you find your next position.


When you contribute to Outdoor Ed you are helping other outdoor education professionals like yourself keep up to date on important news, expand their professional skills, and network with others like yourself. There are lots of ways you can contribute.

News Links

See some important news item on the Web? Send us the link and a short description and if it looks good we'll post it on our News Section.

Send us Hot News

Activate your OutdoorEd Store Purchase

Thanks for purchasing services or resources from Here are the instructions for how to access or activate your new service.

Company Profile

To create a new Company Profile first you need to login under the account you used to purchase your Company Profile. Then go to Add Company Profile.

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