Reactivate an Expired Company Profile


Thanks for purchasing your Company Profile at To Reactivate an expired profile there are two options.

Profile Under Your User Account

If the expired profile is already under your User Account then complete the following steps:

  • Purchase your Company Profile subscription at the OutdoorEd Store.
  • Login to your Account
  • Click the My Account Link at the top of the page and then select Company Portal in the dropdown.
  • Once you are on your Company Portal you'll see your Company Profile(s). 
  • Click the Company Name to go to the Edit Profile page.
  • Click the License dropdown and select the license that you just purchased. It will show the starting and ending dates of the license. Save your profile to apply the new license and it will automatically be fully available at the Company Profile Level that you purchased.

Reactivate License

Profile Under Someone Else's Account

In this case you'll need to email us using the Reactivate Company Profile form and tell us the Company Name and your user information. We will need to verify with the original account holder that you are permitted to access the account.