Athletics Program Area Leader

Job Description

Program Area Leaders (PALs) are responsible for developing curriculum, teaching and supervising a specific program area at Camp. PALs are expected to be certified in certain areas as it pertains to their program area (ex. Lifeguarding for Pool Specialists). PALs must be a positive role model, camper focused, and able to set and follow through with camper expectations and the program curriculum. A PAL must demonstrate sound judgment and establish a nurturing and safe environment for all campers, Hachsharas (staff in training), and staff. PALs will work in partnership with Specialists and Activity Counselors assigned to their areas and report directly to the Assistant Director.


• Be responsible for the general health and safety of their assigned campers • Establish an atmosphere in which campers feel secure, happy, and part of the group

• Supervise campers under their immediate care at all time

• Make sure their campers adhere to camp rules

• Set a good example in all areas of camp life; act as a role model

• Participate with their group in all camp activities

• Take the lead in matters involving rules, safety, and program

• Follow through on approved curriculum plans

• Share these responsibilities with staff assigned to the program area.

• Evaluate and provide developmental feedback for any staff assigned to the area.

• Be drug-free (including paraphernalia) and alcohol free at camp.

• Avoid physically intimate relationships with all campers

Program Responsibilities/Expectations

• Be responsible for planning and executing evening programs as needed

• Facilitate the clean-up after programs as required by the program team

• Teach or supervise assigned activities within their abilities

• Be punctual to all programs and meetings

• Be responsible for the proper use of equipment and supplies at each activity

• Write blog posts for the camp blog as determined by the program team

• Take photos for Camp’s Instagram account

Miscellaneous Responsibilities and Expectations

• Be responsible for the assigned area with the understanding that the assignments may change between Sessions 1 and 2.

• Keep a clean and tidy cabin and living space

• Complete duties as assigned, such as General Swim and “OD/CQ”.

• Attend all staff meetings as directed.

Time Off

• Each PAL will receive two/three single days off during Session 1

• Each PAL will receive two/three single days off during Session 2

• Days off begin at 5:15pm and end at 5:15pm.

• Each PAL will receive two consecutive days off during intersession

• Additional time off for family events and college will be given on a case by case basis

• Camp will not grant special time off for concerts or other non-family events

To Apply

Send [email protected] your resume and fill out the online application-

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Finger Lakes
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1 - 2 years
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High school
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Job Details

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Summer Camp
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