Camp Educator - Bushcraft and Wilderness Survival (Bay Area)

Trackers Earth: Days Of Summer Camp 2016

Job Description

You're trained in the arts of bushcraft and primitive skills. You are capable with your hands. You value the wilderness and spend time outdoors. You want to teach ancient and traditional ways as part of a community and team of mentors.

Trackers Earth seeks educators for Summer 2017. Help change the nature of outdoor education through wilderness survival, bushcraft and primitive skills. We seek a mature, experienced outdoors-people inspired to share their passion for the wilds and wildcrafting with youth in our camps. This position goes beyond simply a job, it ties you to a community.

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Our Rangers Guild teaches wilderness survival, primitive skills, stealth, archery, and tracking. They cultivate intensive awareness connected to wildcrafting and restorative harvest.

Bonus Points Given If you have a CDL for large school buses. Or if you possess the driving talent so we can help you learn.

We live by our Code of Common Sense...

Pay Attention: Things like driving, wilderness survival, and compassion require it.
Be Truly Helpful: Don't be one of those people that only think they're helpful. Pay attention to see if you are actually being thusly.
Respect: This is not something we demand, it's something we thrive by. It's about respecting flow, challenges, and the amazing complexity of the nature world.
You're doing it wrong, Do it better: Egos in check at the door. This is hard work and part of that is knowing we're always going to find a way to be even more awesome.

Other skills could include but not be limited to the following...

  • Educational experience managing groups, especially children, thoughtfully
  • Bowdrill and other friction fire methods
  • Archery
  • Natural shelter
  • Primitive crafts
  • Naturalist skills and animal tracking
  • Woodworking and woodcarving
  • Primitive Trapping
  • Navigation
  • Subsistence food collection
  • Stealth and awareness

We're currently hiring for...

Outdoor Educators Educators passionate about building competency in kids through outdoor education
Outdoor Education Interns/Assistants Individuals willing learn new skills for outdoor education through hard work
Directors & Coordinators Professionals with many years of outdoor education experience

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We're also looking for instructors in these subjects...

  • Archery
  • Fishing
  • Paintball
  • Kayaking
  • Improv and other theater crafts
  • Homesteading, gardening, and native plants

Looking for Educators & Mentors

Trackers is a diverse organization. We're less a business and more focused on family and village. We need mentors, people willing to help create thoughtful, challenging, and excellent adventures in outdoors, story, and folk wisdom. We need emissaries who believe health and long life comes from connection to a grand family and the beautiful land we live. It also helps if you're a Dune (the book) fan.

The final component is the ability to perform in the unique fast paced workplace that is Trackers. We deliver a high quality, compelling and relevant experience to our students and as a result, we demand a high level of creativity, positive problem solving and collaboration from our team of instructors. If you find yourself already spending your free time doing many of the activities on the list above, have experience working with youth, and think our team could be right for you, please review our...

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Job Availability: 

Must make staff training June 11 - 15, 2017 and work the summer until August 25, 2017

East Bay Sites Be able to show up for work at day camps at any given Berkeley or Walnut Creek site in the summer.
Overnight Site Work on our backpacking and expedition team, traveling across Northern California.

To Apply

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Not Specified
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Berkeley, California
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Job Experience: 
1 - 2 years
Job Starting Date: 
June 11, 2017

Job Details

Job Details: 
Environmental Education Program/Center
Experiential Education
Outdoor Education Center
Outdoor Skills School
Seasonal Program
Summer Camp
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