Outdoor Program - Paid Search and Media Specialist

Job Description

Scope: Half-time, the equivalent of 20 hours per week. $23,660 - $35,000 DOE
Location: Portland, Oregon. Part hours in our SE Portland office. Part hours working from home. Details to be discussed on hire.
When Apply to start June 2017 or when we find the right fit.

Save the world through PPC and marketing.

Do you appreciate both nature and Excel reports on PPC campaigns? Come join Trackers Earth as half-time Paid Search & Media Specialist. We’re more than an award-winning outdoor program. We do more than teach traditional skills.

That’s our secret identity. We’re actually ambassadors for a world that needs to exist. People connected to nature and community. And sure, we also run The Best Camps In the Known Universe. Check out our programs.

We grow every year, and we need your help to do that. You are always learning about online advertising. Data drives you. Segments play through your brain. Creative is your raw power; testing refines it. You also grasp the ecology of all this. You believe targeting and remarketing can save the world when compelling a thing of awesomeness.

Learn More or Apply at http://trackerspdx.com/jobs/paid-search-media-specialist

You have the following experience and qualifications:

  • You're detail oriented
  • You understand the how paid search and media fit into the greater ecology; aka, how PPC actually relates to P&L
  • You crave to understand the nature of what you are marketing, you DO NOT apply a one size fits all strategy
  • You possess your Google Adwords Certification, competent at Google Tag Manager
  • You have 2 years or more managing AdWords and Facebook campaigns
  • You live in Excel and other tools that help you identify trends in the data
  • You apply metrics and data towards consistent strategic improvements of campaigns
  • You provide clear communications to marketing and administrative staff regarding strategy and actions, as they adapt their strategy to match  yours, you do the same for them
  • You can communicate the complex aspects of your specialty simply and clearly to all stakeholders
  • You are constantly iterating progressively better roadmaps for better results in our campaigns
  • You have highly functional experience in the range, from SEO to Content Marketing, from list segmentation to Social Media, BUT you rock it at Google Adwords and Facebook Ads
  • You have exceptional consistency, reliability, and punctuality: You will be the clock by which all others on our team are set
  • You have a good sense of humor, but NOT in jock-like, make fun of others way. More in wry, deep appreciation of life and the ultimate heat-death of the universe
  • You care about nature even though your job oddly keeps you from it at times
  • You recognize one of the oldest and most ancient skills is storytelling: the power to educate and change the world
  • Most Important You’re excited to collaborate with our entire crew to steward our work. You connect with the sales team, designers, filmmakers, photographers, and developers to create better campaigns and funnels. And of course, the admin folks to make sure we stay in budget. Most important of all, you learn about our actual educators who are in the trenches and at the heart of what we do. Our marketing exists to tell a story, not simply sell stuff.

Working with Trackers is a strange hybrid of competent business and a community that will also challenge you. We don’t only want a Paid Search & Media Specialist that only looks at the numbers (though we recognize this is crucial), we want someone capable and sincerely interested in our work. One that may not completely save the world, but is making a decent effort at it in the grand scheme of things.

Finally, we leave you with our 3 Rules and our Code of Common Sense. Both of which we teach in our nature camps. If these align well with your values, you might well be a good fit and you should...

Learn More or Apply at http://trackerspdx.com/jobs/paid-search-media-specialist

Our 3 Camp Rules

  1. No one dies
  2. No wounds that don't heal in 4 days
  3. Follow the Code of Common Sense

The Code of Common Sense

PAY ATTENTION - Push the edges of your awareness: eyes, ears, and all your senses. Keep an open mind and heart. Don’t restrict yourself with a narrow view of things. The challenges and opportunities Nature provides often go unseen. Pay Attention to the spaces and places most people ignore.

BE TRULY HELPFUL - Understand the difference between what you believe is helpful and what is Truly Helpful. Complaining about being cold and hungry is not helpful. Building a campfire or catching fish is helpful. When you put the needs of your community first you become Truly Helpful.

RESPECT - Many think surviving in nature means struggling against it. Yet, like a Mariner sailing the currents of the sea, we can Flow with nature. Take the time to experience the true way of things: creeks, plants, animals, birds, trees, wind, clouds, stars, sun, and moon. By giving your time, appreciation and respect, you become part of their Flow.

YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG, DO IT BETTER - Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress. There’s no perfect way to shoot a bow or weave a basket. There is only progress. Be excited that you’re always doing it wrong and there are countless ways to improve. Like the plants, animals and even mountains, you never stop growing. You always do it better!

Learn More or Apply at http://trackerspdx.com/jobs/paid-search-media-specialist

Job Availability: 

Apply to start June 2017 or when we find the right fit.

Application Closing Date: 
Not Specified
Employment Type: 
Job Region: 
Job Location: 
Portland, Oregon
Job Salary Range: 
Job Experience: 
1 - 2 years
Job Starting Date: 
When we find the best fit

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