Semester Administrator and Educator

Job Description

Semester Administrator and Educator

We are looking for a visionary administrator and educator to lead Kroka semester programs – a bold experiment in contextual experiential education – serving 25-35 students each year with a unique college-accredited curriculum. We seek a mature professional who will embrace Kroka’s mission and work within our community.

If you believe:

  • The best education is oriented towards community rather than the individual
  • Teenagers thrive on high expectations and real-life responsibilities
  • Students learn best through experience; splitting firewood, milking cows and shoveling snow are equally important to classroom study
  • Engaging with nature through observation and use of natural resources is a viable methodology for learning
  • A positive future is attainable through harnessing our willpower for good

And if you are:

  • An educator with broad life experience
  • Ready to lead, teach, mentor, council, guide, coach, mediate and inspire youth ages 16 – 20 before, during and after regular daylight hours
  • An avid outdoors person with passion for healthy risk-taking in nature
  • A systems oriented administrator who is fast on computer, clear on paper, and effective on the phone
  • Someone who can take a vision from ideas to reality while upholding a unique mission
  • Excited about joining a residential working community where farm chores are a part of daily life!
  • Then you may be ready to take charge of Kroka’s flagship semester program, a one-of-its-kind educational experiment, unique amongst semester schools nation-wide.


  • work in a team to market, enroll and support two semester programs a year.
  • interview students, make admissions decisions, support families through the program preparation process
  • prepare equipment and logistics for the duration of the program
  • supervise a small staff team to create and deliver integrated curriculum and manage group dynamics
  • Work with the accrediting agency and our school and college partners to maintain and improve the program’s credibility
  • Teaching a minimum of two weeks in each season (winter, spring, summer, fall) including field teaching and expedition leadership

The ideal candidate brings a balance of expedition, teaching and administrative experience. As a semester coordinator at Kroka you have the opportunity to make a measurable positive change in the lives of young people. The rewards are many and so are the challenges.

Job Availability: 

Year-round, full-time, residential. Beginning December 2019.

To Apply

To apply, visit to begin an application or email [email protected]

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Marlow, NH
Job Salary Range: 
Job Experience: 
3 - 5 years
Job Degree Level: 
Bachelor's degree
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Job Details

Job Details: 
Experiential Education
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