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Job Description

Find out more about us: https://elementstraverse.com/job-openings/item/37-field-mentor. Our next Trainings will be September 5th-12th,  2019.

Field Mentors with Traverse will become part of a vibrant, values-driven, owner-operated wilderness therapy program. We specialize in young-adult treatment, utilizing traditional wilderness therapy with integrated adventure therapy components. For our clients we provide: a safe and respectful environment, quality gear, nutritious meals, meaningful relationships, and evidence-based treatment tools. 

Mentors ensure an environment of physical & emotional safety by teaching outdoor living skills and by always maintaining compassion. Staff role-model healthy relationships, appropriate boundaries, assertive communication, and meaningful confrontation. We look for those who are confident and passionate about these goals, and bring with them a spirit of flexibility and creativity. In sum, Mentors are called upon to be a parent figure, an advisor, a teacher, a friend, a source of encouragement, and a keen listener. Our Mentors are NOT single-minded authoritarians or merely enforcers of a system of punishments-and-rewards. We recognize the change process must be a partnership with our clients. 

In a typical week, you can expect to:

  • Hike over beautiful, rugged terrain
  • Take responsibility for client safety 
  • Cook on open flame
  • Play a game around the fire or in a field
  • Participate in a rappelling or rock-climbing session
  • Sleep on the ground under the stars
  • Lead a yoga session
  • Teach a lesson on family dynamics or other therapeutic content
  • Provide feedback for clients & peers alike

Longer-term, staff are also encouraged to develop a deeper area of interest and specialty within the work (e.g. traditional skills, substance abuse counseling, mindfulness practices, etc).

We believe work as a Field Mentor is vital, professional, and sustainable. As such, we offer one of the most competitive benefits packages in the industry! Field Mentors will start at $165-170/ day, with the opportunity to move up to $215/ day within the year (upon obtaining Group Lead).We’re committed to providing excellent health insurance and Traverse pays 75% of an employer-sponsored plan. Mentors are also eligible for paid time off, pro-deal discounts, paid trainings, and periodic bonuses. Traverse Mentors work 8-days-on, 6-days-off. Most of our Mentors find their home in the Salt Lake City area, or in Moab, UT. Both are havens for the outdoors and offer the chance to balance your work life with plenty of sun, snow, trails, and adventure. 

For those coming from another wilderness therapy program with significant experience, we'd love to chat with you about your next developmental steps and are open to honoring your current pay rate, on a case-by-case basis.



Job Availability: 

Our next training opportunity will take place September 5th-12th, 2019. Training is by invitation-only, after sending in your application materials and completing a formal interview. 

To Apply

If you believe Elements Traverse may be the opportunity you’re looking for, please e-mail our Recruiter directly at: [email protected]. Please include the following and send both documents together:

  • Resume (note any certification you possess and list at least two professional references we may potentially contact)
  • Cover Letter (speak to what you’d bring to Traverse and our clients)

Nate Oglesbee
Elements Traverse
[email protected]
Elements Traverse

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Job Experience: 
1 - 2 years
Job Degree Level: 
High school
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Job Details

Job Details: 
Adventure/Wilderness Therapy

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