Youth Coach and Mentor for Elementary or Middle School

Job Description

Come be a part of an alternative education movement in Livermore, CA.
Acton Academy East Bay is a K-8 micro-school focused on experiential learning, accelerated academics through demonstrating skills attained, & getting students engaged with the world through adventure and travel.

Instead of teachers, we have guides. Guides do not teach- they use inquiry to encourage students to answer their own questions and become curious about the world around them. Our guides will be taking students on various outdoor adventures including: hiking, backpacking,  biking, gardening, etc. 

Every student is a hero, on a hero’s journey. We at Acton Academy believe students discover that journey by having the freedom to explore many different subjects which interest them. With that freedom, they will find what they are truly passionate about.

We focus on feeding every student’s love of learning. When every subject becomes a hands-on discovery, students will be excited every day to learn new things, gain new skills, see new places and make new friends.

Acton Academy East Bay focuses on helping students to:

  •  Excel in and master all academic subjects with fun and hands-on quests
  •  Foster a love and respect of nature and plants
  •  Gain skills and build character through adventure and travel
  •  Build social skills to become a leader, idea generator and team play

Kids learn 10x faster when they are excited and passionate about what they’re learning. Instead of being “taught at” by teachers, our Acton Academy East Bay Guides introduce students to concepts by challenging them with “quests”.  Quests are open-ended, often real-world problems which require critical thinking, teamwork, and creativity to solve. Not only are students learning the information required to solve the quest, they are also gaining social skills, leadership skills, and critical thinking experience.

In a day and age with Google, memorization of facts is no longer a valued skill. Instead, the best universities and companies are looking for confident young adults that can think flexibly, problem solve and be a team player and a leader. 

Preparing children for the future means ensuring they graduate with passion, curiosity and a drive to push themselves to do hard things.  Every student is a hero, on a hero’s journey and we are dedicated to helping students discover their passions and feel empowered and confident enough to pursue them. 

Students are encouraged to be their own person, with unique ways of solving problems and viewing the world. Acton Academy is not an assembly line seeking to create a neatly packaged “end product” student.  Childhood should be spent outside exploring nature- not inside sitting at a desk. Acton Academy East Bay uses quests to challenge students both physically and mentally, helping them build coordination, flexibility and confidence.

Are you excited to guide students to be the most the can be?   If so, you might be a great fit for Acton Academy East Bay!


To Apply

Please send resume to [email protected].  Resume must be in form on PDF with name of the file as your FIRST and LAST name included in the filename.  

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Livermore, CA
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Bachelor's degree
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Private School
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