Association for Experiential Education & Association for Outdoor Recreation and Education announce joint conference for 2019

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Monday, October 30, 2017 - 09:00
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Press Release

The Association of Outdoor Education and Recreation (AORE) and the Association for Experiential Education (AEE) have announced a joint conference for 2019. This is a monumental step for outdoor and experiential education. These two membership organizations represent a broad swath of out industry. In previous years, though not intentional in any way, the timing of both organization's fall conferences have either overlapped or, because many programs have limited resources for attending conferences, people would need to select one or the other. This new joint conference with AEE and AORE brings our larger community together and will strengthen the field. Many people have been urging this step and is thrilled to see how the ongoing efforts of AORE Executive Director Jeannete Stawski and AEE CEO Rob Smariga will make this a reality in 2019. Below is the press release and video.

Rob Smariga, CEO for the Association for Experiential Education and Jeannette Stawski, executive director of the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education



For several years, we have engaged in regular dialogue identifying shared goals between AEE and AORE and exploring possibilities for collaboration between the two organizations.

The two organizations enjoy working collaboratively on initiatives throughout the year. Together, we advocate for access to public lands for member programs, participate with surveys and discussion on member professional development needs, and explore ways to best support our members and the work you do.

We believe we should now strive for a greater impact through a collaborative conference effort. Toward that purpose, AEE and AORE have now committed to planning a joint conference in 2019. We are excited about the opportunities presented by bringing together the AORE and AEE communities.

There are many common interests that AORE and AEE can together address.
a) Broadening collaboration within the fields of experiential education and outdoor recreation;
b) Creating the highest-quality educational opportunities;
c) Furthering the ability of educators and practitioners to impact and change the lives of their students and clients;
d) Strengthening professionalism within our memberships;
e) Broadening networking opportunities;
f) Leveraging a wider community to advance public policy and advocacy efforts;
g) Raising awareness of the value and impact of experiential education and outdoor recreation.

We recognize we are two years away from this event. We will be working to identify a location and dates that meet our combined needs.

Watch for more information to come!




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Monday, October 30, 2017 to Wednesday, October 30, 2019