Mammut Issues Safety Check for Avalanche Airbags 3.0

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Thursday, May 2, 2019 - 08:30
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SAFETY FIRST: Mammut asks customers to check that airbag systems 3.0 are installed correctly

Safety and quality of the products are the number one priority for Mammut. For this reason, Mammut is asking customers who own generation 3.0 Mammut avalanche airbags to check the path of the deployment cable and the connection of the airbag balloon in order to ensure that their avalanche safety equipment functions correctly. 

All customers who own a Generation 3.0 avalanche airbag from the Winter 16/17, Winter 17/18 or Winter 18/19 seasons (neon-colored deployment handle) are requested to check them according to the following instructions or to contact Mammut Customer Service. Avalanche airbags from previous seasons (red deployment handle) are not affected.

It is easy to identify whether the airbag is attached correctly (see the checking instructions). If the airbag balloon is not properly attached to the airbag inflation system, in some cases the airbag may lose volume too quickly after deployment. As a result, the airbag’s functionality may be impaired in the event of burial by an avalanche.

If you identify that the airbag balloon is attached incorrectly, the affected airbag system should no longer be used and must be returned immediately to Mammut Customer Service to be replaced. In the event of any queries, Mammut Customer Service will be happy to help.

See the Inspection Instructions

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Thursday, May 2, 2019 to Saturday, May 2, 2020