Type: Job
Date Posted: Dec 03, 2019
Being an outdoor instructor is challenging, but it’s always worth it to see students immersed in nature, fostering a community, and building their confidence and leadership on trail!
Type: Training
Date Posted: Oct 14, 2019
Type: Company Profile
Date Posted: Apr 01, 2019
Earthy Academy is a nature- based preschool through 12th grade school focused on experiential learning, accelerated academics through demonstrating skills attained, & getting students engaged with the world through adventure and travel.
Type: Job
Date Posted: Dec 30, 2018
Liquid Adventures is looking for lead kayak and SUP guides to fill open positions for the summer of 2019. We are also looking for assistant kayaking guides with less experience who would like to break into the profession.
Type: Company Profile
Date Posted: Oct 23, 2018
Kayak Adventures is a small, environmentally and educationally focused sea kayaking company, based in Seward, Alaska.  We typically employ 10 - 11 sea kayaking guides & one Logistics Coordinator each summer season.
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Date Posted: Sep 24, 2018
Viristar provides best-in-class strategic consulting and training services to outdoor, business and education professionals worldwide.  Viristar offers: training courses specialized assessments and audits targeted reviews
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Date Posted: Jun 08, 2018
From North Carolina to Alaska to the high Himalayas to Patagonia, The National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education (NCOAE) is a values-based outdoor and adventure education provider for teens an
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Date Posted: May 09, 2018
Zeal Adventure and Travel offers summer trips for teenagers focusing on outdoor pursuits, cultural immersion, and community service.
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Date Posted: Jan 02, 2018
Liquid Adventures is a small, locally owned sea kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding company located in beautiful Seward, Alaska. Our areas of exploration are Resurrection Bay, Bear Glacier Lagoon, Aialik Bay, and Northwestern Fjord.
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Date Posted: Mar 19, 2017
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