Type: Media
Date Posted: Jul 04, 2017
Sometimes it takes a trip to a wild place to remember just how brave, connected, vulnerable and free we can be. Where is your wild place?
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Date Posted: Jun 25, 2017
63% of women said they could not think of an outdoor female role model 6 in 10 women say that men’s interests in outdoor activities are taken more seriously than women’s
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Date Posted: May 21, 2017
Kalen Thorien, a professional skier and adventurer, decided to spend her summer on a 270 mile, 18 day, solo high traverse in the Sierra Nevada, a mountain range in the Western United States.
Type: Media
Date Posted: May 14, 2017
Jeff Browning and Jesse Haynes attempt to run the last 170 miles of the new Oregon Desert Trail (ODT) in a four-day span. They were supported by photographers Fred Marmsater and Jonathan Byers and Trailhead Labs’ Jereme Monteau.  
Type: Media
Date Posted: Mar 15, 2017
After thru-hiking and picking up trash off the Appalachian Trail last year, the Packing It Out crew is taking on the Pacific Crest Trail with hopes to remove 1,000+ pounds of litter from Mexico to Canada.
Type: Event
Date Posted: Jan 24, 2017
Great Fun and Big Adventure!   Kick off the AORE 2017 Conference with DEMO DAY on October 31st @ The Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center.
Type: Media
Date Posted: Jan 21, 2017
How can you stop the destruction of an iconic Appalachian mountain, ​along with the history, culture, and memories it created? Ask Jay Leutze, who found the answer with the help of a 14-year-old named Ashley.
Type: Media
Date Posted: Oct 21, 2016
Derick quit his New York City life to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail in 2012. Now he wants to share the Trail with his brother, a first-time backpacker. "Trail Brothers" is the first story in our myATstory video series.
Type: Media
Date Posted: Jul 16, 2016
Why do we go to the mountains? There are reasons that reach beyond the climb, past the descent, and are far more important than the summit.
Type: Media
Date Posted: Feb 06, 2016
Many people look to the outdoors to find peace of mind. For Paul Stiffler, better known as Ponytail Paul, the Appalachian Trail and its thru-hikers have been the therapeutic force needed to turn his life around.