Wilderness First Aid (Hybrid)

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Union College offers a unique degree program for students who want to use their passion for adventure and the outdoors to serve others. The International Rescue and Relief degree program prepares students for active service in aspects of rescue, survival and humanitarian relief through hands-on learning, multi-cultural experiences and technical skills. With core emphasis on a pre-professional or public safety track, graduates are able to navigate the path that interests them while being equipped to serve their local community in public safety, emergency response or to answer the call during global emergencies. To learn more, click here.


Our Wilderness First Aid course may be the best choice for weekend campers, people taking day hikes within cell phone coverage, and those who are just looking for basic instruction. If you like it and want more, you can always come back later and take a longer, more intensive course. Our WFA course meets the Boy Scouts of America and the American Camping Association trip leader requirements.

Our standard WFA is 3-days long; the practical session of our hybrid WFA is only 2-days but requires pre-course study and successful completion of an online exam in order to attend. Either course may be used to recertify current WMTC WAFA, WFR, & WEMT certifications. If you are interested in a hybrid WFA please  visit the hybrid WFA website's home page for course details and read the blog article Is a Hybrid Course in Wilderness Medicine Right for You? before registering and paying for the course.

Graduates from approved wilderness medicine schools may recertify with us if they are currently certified OR in their grace period; click here for a list of currently approved providers. Please  visit the visit hybrid WFA website's home page for course details before registering.


Certification Offered: 
Certification Duration: 
3 Years




Paul Nicolazzo
(509) 996-2502
[email protected]

Contact Person: 
Paul Nicolazzo
(509) 996-2502
Training Provider: 
Wilderness Medicine Training Center International
Training Certification: 
Training Dates: 
Friday, November 1, 2019 to Sunday, November 3, 2019
Date Details: 
Class held on Nov 1st and Nov 3rd (NO CLASS held on Nov 2nd).
Union College

Training Location

Lincoln, NE 68588
United States

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