Wilderness First Aid (WFA)

Training Description

Who Is Wilderness First Aid (WFA) For?

Weekend base-campers, day-hikers (where there is cell phone coverage), and those looking for basic wilderness first aid instruction. Great introductory course for those considering more advanced training. This class can be used to partially fulfill a wilderness first responder recertification.



$210.00 base fee; includes the book, SOAP notes, and some other course materials. Grant County Search and Rescue cost $195; wilderness first responder re-certifications add $25 to the base fee.

Course Description

Day 1: 8 am-5:30/6:00 pm (8-9 hrs)
• Opening & Course Paperwork
• General Concepts in Patient Care
• Body Defenses
• Introduction to Trauma
• Critical System Problems
• Stable & Unstable Extremity Injuries
• Basic Life Support Lab & Simulations
• Demo and assign cut T-shirt rolls
• Case Study Homework
Day 2: 8 am-5:30/6:00 pm (8-9 hrs)
• 3rd Triangle Skills Lab & SOAP Evaluation Process
• Traumatic Simulation
• Basic Extremities Splinting Lab
• Wound Cleaning Lab
• Focused Spine Assessment
• Traumatic Simulations, CPR/AED
• Case Study Homework
Day 3: 8 am-5 pm (8 hrs)
• Case Study Homework Review
• Dehydration
• Sun Exposure
• Heat Exhaustion, Heat Stroke, & Hyponatremia
• Hypothermia
• Drowning
• Allergies & Toxins
• Anaphylaxis
• Injection Lab & Allergies & Toxins Worksheet
• Assessing Medical Problems
• Medical Simulations and/or Case Studies
• Course Debrief & Closing


The practical session for this course is sponsored through the Western New Mexico University Outdoor Program. The class is held on the WNMU campus in Silver City, New Mexico on November 15-17, location TBA.


Certification Offered: 
Certification Duration: 
3 Years



For more information contact:

Dr. Kathy Whiteman
[email protected]

Contact Person: 
Dr. Kathy Whiteman
Training Provider: 
Wilderness Medicine Training Center International
Training Certification: 
Training Dates: 
Friday, November 15, 2019 to Sunday, November 17, 2019
Western New Mexico University Outdoor Program

Training Location

Silver City, NM 88061
United States

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