Wilderness First Responder 3-day Re-Certification

Training Description

Review, practice, and stay on top of your skills with NOLS Wilderness Medicine's Wilderness First Responder Recertification Course! This scenario-based approach to recertification provides you the opportunity to test your skills against realistic situations.

You'll practice and relearn wilderness medicine protocols, review evacuation and decision making guidelines, and receive the latest updates in wilderness medicine over the course of three days.

Check out these online resources (https://nols.edu/en/resources/wilderness-medicine-resources/) ahead of time, because you'll start the course with a written exam! You'll learn both in the classroom and in outdoor settings regardless of weather, so come prepared for wet, muddy, cold or hot environments. 

Please verify your eligibility to enroll in this course by reviewing NOLS' recertification policies (https://www.nols.edu/en/about/wilderness-medicine/recertify/).

Certification cards - Wilderness First Responder and NOLS Wilderness Medicine CPR, will be awarded upon successful completion and issued by NOLS.  

18 hours of EMT CEUs available for those with current Wilderness First Responder credentials.

Topics include:

•         Written Examination Patient Assessment System Shock Chest Injury

•         Written Examination 

•         Patient Assessment System 

•         Shock 

•         Chest Injury 

•         Spinal Management/Head Injuries 

•         Wilderness Wound Management 

•         Athletic Injury 

•         Dislocations 

•         Fracture Management 

•         Hypothermia Afternoon 

•         Heat Illnesses 

•         Altitude Illness 

•         Medical Scenarios: Cardiac Emergencies, Respiratory Emergencies, Neurological Emergencies, Acute Abdomen, Urinary and Reproductive, and Anaphylaxis 

•         Practical Test Scenarios 

•         Closing/Evaluations 

•         CPR


Certification Offered: 
Certification Duration: 
2 Years


Contact Person: 
Workforce Development and Community Education
Training Certification: 
Training Dates: 
Friday, July 19, 2019 to Sunday, July 21, 2019

Training Location

Greenfield Community College's Outdoor Leadership Program
c/o Greenfield Community College/OLP
1 College Drive
Greenfield, MA 01301
United States

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