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  • Trail Angel

    Many people look to the outdoors to find peace of mind. For Paul Stiffler, better known as Ponytail Paul, the Appalachian Trail and its thru-hikers have been the therapeutic force needed to turn his life around. Paul has taken on a role as “Trail Angel” to help thru-hikers on their 2,186-mile journey and help himself find a new sense of purpose in the process.

    This is one of a series of... more

  • Jimmy Chin: Trapped in an Avalanche

    National Geographic Emerging Explorer Jimmy Chin recalls the terror of being buried alive under hundreds of tons of snow in the Tetons.

  • "Meru": Risk and Responsibility in Climbing

    World-renowned climber Jimmy Chin and filmmaker Elizabeth "Chai" Vasarhelyi talk about making Meru, a documentary about Chin, Conrad Anker, and Renan Ozturk's attempt to make the first successful ascent of the Shark's Fin on Mount Meru—a climb that has thwarted every previous summit attempt by the world's most elite climbers.

    In making the documentary, Chin was passionate about... more

  • A Question of Risk - Episode 10 - Dave Weber

    Dave Weber's resume is impressive. An American Avalanche Institute and NOLS Wilderness Medicine Instructor, Dave works as a mountaineering ranger on Denali as well as acting as the lead medic for Denali National Park and as a lead guide for the Khumbu Climbing Center. But in talking to Dave, his humble tone and humorous attitude are welcoming. And his attitude toward risk is one born from... more

  • BASICS TWO - Avalanche Awareness

    A program service of the High Fives Non-Profit Foundation, B.A.S.I.C.S. is designed to promote safety and awareness through world-class fundamentals coaching and education. The second in a series of five videos, the Avalanche Awareness video is intended to help those who ski, snowboard or snowmobile in the back country be better equipped and safe while being aware of the inherent dangers with... more

  • Companion Avalanche Rescue Practice

    Everyone who enjoys the snow in the backcountry should practice Companion Avalanche Rescue techniques. This video is not meant to be a stand-alone resorce. We're just trying to promote practice of these life-saving skills. The rescuers in the video are in the process of learning. We can all improve and become more efficient with practice, and we should!

  • Know Before You Go

    " It doesn’t matter if you have made thousands of good calls – all it takes is one bad call and that is one too many. Some days the mountains are screaming GET OUT OF HERE and some days they are saying come on in – it’s time to party." - Jeremy Jones

    Do you know when to back off and when it’s good to go? The Know Before You Go avalanche awareness program will get you started down the... more

  • White Out Navigation with IFMGA Guide, Evan Stevens

    If you're a backcountry traveler, its key to plan ahead and travel prepared for the unexpected if conditions change without warning. Dont get stuck in the "dark" (or white); Evan Stevens, IFMGA Guide and owner of Valhalla Mountain Touring offers tips tips on how to navigate through a white out in the backcountry.

  • Down To Nothing

    This harrowing expedition pushed a group of mountaineers to the mental and physical brink; carving them Down To Nothing. A six-person team from The North Face and National Geographic attempted to summit an obscure peak in Myanmar (Hkakabo Razi) to determine if it is Southeast Asia’s highest point. The expedition members, led by The North Face athlete and Telluride mountaineer Hilaree O’Neill... more

  • In Current

    Rowing a dory in the Grand Canyon is considered by some as the most coveted job in the world. It can take 20 years of paying your dues to earn a seat on one of these legendary wooden boats. Amber Shannon has been boating the Grand Canyon nine years, trying to work her way from the baggage boat to a dory, while spending as many days possible in current.

  • Creating a New Company Profile at

    How to create a new Company Profile at

  • Petzl: Ice climbing basics: Ice screw placement, anchors and V-threads

    When waterfalls freeze and gullies are in shape again in the mountains, ice climbers sharpen the blades of their ice axes and bring out all their winter paraphernalia.

    This film demonstrates proper ice screw placement technique, as well as how to set an anchor and a v-thread in waterfall ice. We will discuss the key technical elements, but remember that when swinging your tools into the... more

  • Instructions for Content Contributors

    How to add Content to

  • Generation Up!

    Watch as award-winning teenagers, Ashima Shiraishi and Kai Lightner climb to new heights

  • 14.c Kai Lightner

    Climbers all have a story about how they got started, and 14-year-old Kai Lighter’s introduction is particularly striking — and not only because he’s a brilliant climber. Much like Tiger Woods in golf or the Williams sisters in tennis, he could change the demographics of climbing. This film, directed by George Knowles, isn’t about race, however, it’s about family. His single mother has become... more

  • Namesake: A Journey to the Birthplace of Kayaking

    This beautiful, 8-minute film follows Freya Fennwood on her journey from growing up as the daughter of Pygmy Kayaks founder John Lockwood to her victory at the 30th anniversary of Greenland’s National Kayaking Championships. Fennwood is the namesake for Pygmy’s new 3-part, breakdown Freya kayak, which... more

  • Training to Failure and Other Highly Effective Training Strategies

    Emergent findings in social psychology point to the limitations of cognition and rationality; decision-making, it turns out, is highly over-rated. What this means for us: a focus on non-normal, training to failure, testing and sensemaking are uncommon, unlikely, and proven effective in building competency fast.

    This workshop, presented at the... more

  • The Important Places


    Special thanks to Doug Woodward, Brendan Leonard, Skip Armstrong, David Marx, Jeff Scholl, Elliot Ross, Jess Lowe, Howl Collective, Story & Heart

    Edit: Jordan Ingram + Gnarly... more

  • Climb For a Lifetime, ClimbSmart!®

    Climbing is inherently dangerous. Professional climbers Chris Sharma, Sasha DiGiulian, Paul Robinson, and Jason Kehl join the Climbing Wall Association to share their thoughts on climbing, climber responsibility, and the dangers associated with the sport.

    Made possible by our sponsors, this... more

  • Self-supported Appalachian Trail speed record with Heather "Anish" Anderson

    On September 24th, 2015 Heather "Anish" Anderson broke the self-supported speed record of the Appalachian Trail. Without any assistance, she made her way nearly 2,200 miles starting in the north from Mt. Katadhin and finishing in the south on Mt. Springer. 54 days, 7 hours, 48 minutes. Listen to this podcast about her experiences from MtnMeister.

    ... more

  • The Forecaster

    Utah Avalanche Forecaster Drew Hardesty slides his skis from the back of his pickup, the dome light above illuminating his face, giving his bearded visage a wizened look. It is clear from his movements that this is a routine so often repeated it has become habit. Skis, poles, pack. Check. Drew glances around the parking lot, already filling with cars in the predawn light, and walks to the... more

  • One Seven Eight - Backcountry Skiing

    How do you create a life that balances work, family and your passion for the mountains? In the first episode of BDTV, we travel to Jämtland, Sweden, where Henrik Westling recently became the first person to climb and ski every one of the region's 178 summits. In doing so, he did more than accomplish a goal: he found a way of living that will inspire you to rethink how you create balance in... more

  • The Fisherman’s Son

    Born and raised at Punta de Lobos, Ramón Navarro found his passion riding the biggest waves on the planet. But his accomplishments in giant surf are just one part of a bigger vision to protect the culture and environment of the Chilean coast.

    Learn more:... more

  • Defined by the Line

    Josh Ewing began visiting the Bears Ears region of southeastern Utah to climb at Indian Creek and explore the local archaeology. But when he moved to the town of Bluff, he saw degradation from oil drilling, looting, and careless visitors. Ewing knew simply loving a place was no longer enough.

    Get Involved: Protect Bears Ears in southeastern Utah.
    Learn more:... more

  • Mountain Craft - How Professional Mountain Guides Manage Risk

    Taking on all the challenges of mountain environments and managing them so that clients have the best possible experience is the craft behind a lifelong guiding career. Guides Marc Piché and Andy Perkins share their thoughts on expectations and maintaining an acceptable level of personal risk, while still having fun.

    ... more

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