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Media Source: YouTube

2014 Banff Mountain Film Festival Shorts - Hazel Findlay

For Hazel Findlay climbing is a sport, a passion, a past time, a lifestyle, and an excuse to explore places, people and herself. Hazel attended the 2014 Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival live in person with her National Geographic Oman Project.

Media Source: YouTube

The Human Factor - Intro

The Human Factor, presented by Black Diamond, is a five-part multimedia story that investigates the decisions skiers make in avalanche terrain.

Media Source: Vimeo

Team GB Paraclimber Dave Bowes on climbing and hidden disabilities

Team GB Paraclimber Dave Bowes (ranked 4th in the World) climbs 3 V8 classics at Woodwell, South Lancashire.

Following a major road traffic accident in 2007, Dave sustained multiple brain injuries. In this video he gives a brief insight in to the life behind a hidden disability.

You can follow Dave via:

The charity that Dave competes in aid of is

Media Source: Vimeo

The Extended Rappel with an Autoblock

Remote Link: The Mountaineers

This video demonstrates one common way to set up an extended rappel with an autoblock. This setup provides a secure method of rappel that enables the convenient incorporation of the autoblock. Note: this is not an instructional video on how to rappel.

This video was designed for the instructional purposes of the Mountaineers climbing organization. Thank you for watching.

Media Source: YouTube

The Phone Interview: Evaluating Candidates from a Distance - 2012 WRMC

This presentation will draw from NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute's 15 years of phone interviewing experience to provide insight into what can be a daunting process: selecting candidates for employment remotely. You can hire people for jobs without meeting them in person! During this presentation, attendees will critique their existing interviews, craft new interview questions, and brainstorm with their peers to improve their interview process.Though this presentation will focus on phone interviews, lessons learned can be applied to any interview.

One of the core presentations at the 2014 Wilderness Risk Management Conference. This is one example of how valuable it is to attend this annual conference.

Find out about the upcoming Wilderness Risk Management Conference at WRMC Conference

Gates Richards is a senior instructor for the NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute.... more

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