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Common Mental Health Myths - WMI Staff Meeting 2012 - Cynthia Stevens

The Wilderness Medicine Insitute of NOLS presents a staff training about mental health issues for first aid instructors.

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Scale Yosemite's El Capitan in Google Maps with Alex Honnold, Lynn Hill, and Tommy Caldwell

Get ready to climb El Capitan, a 3,000 foot rock wall in Yosemite National Park, California. Join legendary climbers Alex Honnold, Lynn Hill, and Tommy Caldwell as they scale the sheer vertical face.

You can use the Google Streetview of the climb

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Free the Snake: Restoring America’s Greatest Salmon River

Snake River Salmon have been trucked, put on barges, diverted up fish ladders—all in the hope that enough would get by four dams to reach their historic habitat in numbers that would assure their future. It’s not working: It’s time to breach the dams and reconnect wild salmon to this important watershed. Learn more at

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Don't Be That Guy At The Crag

Stop crag-holes before they start. Mentor a gym-to-crag climber today. For more about the growing issue of crag etiquette and low-impact practices, download the May 2014 issue of Climbing Magazine or head to

Filmed by Climbing magazine staff photographer Ben Fullerton.
Written by Kevin Corrigan.

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How to Post a Video on

These are the instructions for how to post a YouTube or Vimeo video as part of your posting. Embedding Videos is a fantastic way to tell your story and highlight your Company Profile, Job Posting or Training at is the premiere resource for outdoor education programs and professionals. Start posting your Company Profile, Jobs and Trainings online today at

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