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Author(s): Mike McKay 
Video Release Date: December 2, 2016
Video Source: Vimeo

The Jondachi river cuts its way through the jungles of the Napo Valley in Ecuador. For those who live with the river it provides more than a physical connection. It provides a connection that fills the spirit.

En Español: vimeo.com/191798652/e742fc8147

Featuring: Brayan Robles, Augustin Yumbo, Rodrigo Contreras

Written & Directed: Mike McKay 
(with Dan Dixon)

Mike is an award-winning filmmaker who has applied his passion for compelling storytelling to his webTV series Currents, Made in Canada and Chaos Theory. His background in media and documentary filmmaking has propelled his work to be featured on Red Bull, Reel Water Productions, NRS Films, River Roots and many film festivals around North America.

As a professional whitewater kayaker and a passionate river conservationist, he has paddled some of the world’s most remote rivers and filmed some of the best athletes the sport has to offer. His films navigate the viewer through the thrills of adventure sport and into an intimate and thought-provoking space with the characters he encounters. In 2014 was recently invited to participate in the prestigious Banff Adventure Filmmaker Festival where his love for storytelling and “letting the moment unfold” was emphasized and has defined his approach to filmmaking.

Since 2014 Mike has branched out of the whitewater genre to explore adventure filmmaking in various forms of sports including mountain biking, climbing, skiing, and canyoneering. Maintaining a healthy and athletic lifestyle enables Mike to be able to work in physical and harsh environments behind the camera.

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