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Chicas al Agua

“And when one leaves our comfort zone, that is when we realize for the first time, our potential.”— Nancy, Chicas al Agua instructor. Despite growing up next to one of the world’s most famous rivers, many of the young women in Futaleufú never learned how to swim. Deep in Patagonia, where gauchos still ride horses down dirt roads, an undertone of machismo lingers. Kayaking, like any “rough” sport associated with adrenaline and risk, hasn’t really been an option.

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To some extent, the outdoor industry cheerfully embraces an ethos of ‘stealing’ ideas. There is a constant cycle of adaptation, synthesis, and improvisation. Often practitioners are unaware of the origins of the traditions or wisdom they have ‘borrowed’. The question for the outdoor community is... Read more

IncidentAnalytix - Risk Management Information Systems in the Cloud

A Risk Management Information System is a comprehensive incident data collection and analytics system that allows you to collect both incident and close data data across your organization to build a complete picture of event risk. We utilize both Safety I and Safety II methodologies to identify the contributing factors and mitigating factors in incident and close call events providing you with insight into risk trends within your organization. 

Managing Risk means understanding incident trends within your organization. In order to effectively manage risk, organizations need to be able to track and analyze detailed information about incidents and close calls. By identifying what is actually occurring, managers can evaluate trends and implement effective programmatic responses.

We have solved the problem with a complete Cloud-based solution. We've taken care of all the complex aspects of database design and Web application development and built an enterprise-level Incident Tracking Database for your entire organization. 

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