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Recreation Law Center Case: Employee or Independent Contractor? The Difference Really Matters!

Organizations must make choices between how to characterize an individual they engage for work. Is the individual an employee or independent contractor? As you’ll see in this Connecticut case, the issue can dictate an organization’s liability for harm to injured participants. Tax consequences, exposure to worker injuries and penalties are other issues that can befall an unenlightened employer. Learn about how to manage your risk and liability from Recreation Law legal experts Reb Gregg and Catherine Hansen-Stamp at the Recreation Law Center.

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Job Company Location
Target Sports Specialist YMCA Camp Chingachgook - Outdoor Center
  • Mid-Atlantic US
Outdoor Education Support Staff (Kitchen/Housekeeping) Cheshire YMCA Camp Takodah
  • Northeast US
Keystone Science School Seasonal Program Instructor Keystone Science School
  • US
  • US
Program Instructor The Ashokan Center
  • Northeast US
Challenge Course Site Supervisor Berkshire Outdoor Center
  • Northeast US
Adventure Coordinator YMCA Camp Chingachgook - Outdoor Center
  • Northeast US
*NEW* Graduate Assistantship - Missouri State University Missouri State University
  • Midwest US
Adventure/Ropes Staff Wanted! Lake Bryn Mawr Camp
  • Northeast US
Internship - Paid Deer Hill Expeditions
  • Southwest US
Outdoor Education Program Director Cheshire YMCA Camp Takodah
  • Northeast US
Outdoor Education Instructor Cheshire YMCA Camp Takodah
  • Northeast US
Male Crossover Counselor Keystone Science School
  • US
Cabin/Activity Counselor Clearwater Camp for Girls
  • Midwest US

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Featured Law Center Case

A Club climbing wall employee and client arrange a “side deal” and ignore the Club’s posted rules regarding use of the wall. Following the client’s injury, who is responsible? 

Price: $10.00

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Author: Rick Curtis
The answer is a resounding yes. Mylan Pharmaceuticals has increased the price of the Epi-pen® by over 400% percent in the last ten years. Recently, one of Mylan's main competitors Sanofi issued a recall on the Auvi-Q® creating a shortage of epinephrine autoinjectors. Mylan, who has... Read more

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Type: Conference
Dates: Wed, Oct 12, 2016 - Fri, Oct 14, 2016
City: Salt Lake City
State/Province: UT
Country: United States

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Training: Emily Harrington's Mountain Life

Training: Emily Harrington's Mountain Life

Emily Harrington lives and trains to become the best all around mountain athlete she can at her home in Tahoe, California. With some help from her friends, she keeps her routines diverse and fun by mixing it up every day. She may go skinning and ski touring with her friends one day, and then climb and ski at the resort the next. She doesn't count calories or reps, Emily gets out and plays in the mountains and that keeps her fit for big adventures.

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Those of us who work in outdoor education know the challenge of convincing others of the value of what we do. That's the reason we built As an industry we need to do a better job of sharing information. You know the old saying "a rising tide lifts all boats." All of you out there that use, you are the tide and if you share your content on OutdoorEd, it will certainly lift all of us up. Outdoor Education isn't just about teaching our clients, it's also about us continuing to learn as a profession. That means each of us as a staying up to date with our field in order for our industry to remain vibrant, professional and safe. You can be a part of that, as a contributor and as a reader. Now it's time to do your part. Share.

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