How to Post a Job

Purchase Job Postings

Our new site allows you to post Jobs with or without a Company Directory Profile (make sure you check out the great benefits of a Company Directory Listing). To post a job, go to the OutdoorEd Store and select the Job Package you prefer.  You must have a user account on the site to make a purchase and you can create an account during the checkout process. (See Using the Store).

Post a Job

After purchasing your Job Package click on the My Content link in the navigation bar and then on My Jobs to take you to your Jobs DashboardClick Add a Job and it will take you to the Post a Job page.

My Jobs

You can also go straight to this page by going to the Job Menu bar and go to the Jobs/My Job Dashboard . You will end up on this page which shows your available Postings. As long as you have unused Postings, you can click the Submit Posting to add a new Job.

 Post a Job

Enter your information and press Submit.

See the detailed Job Form instructions below. Your Job will be posted immediately as long as you have available Job Posting credits. The length of your posting is based on the type of posting you purchased (for example a 30-day posting or a 60-day posting). Your Job posting will automatically expire at the end of the purchased posting period. You will automatically be sent an email 7 days before the job expires to alert you the Job is expiring in case you want to repost the Job.

Edit a Job

You can login and access your Jobs Dashboard at any time to view your current Jobs. To make changes in existing postings, hover over the Job Title for the following options:

  • Edit – takes you to Edit page
  • Mark Filled – select Mark Filled and the Job will no longer be displayed on our site
  • Duplicate – copy the Job. You must have current Job Posting credits to do this
  • Delete – permanently deletes the Job posting
  • Relist – only appears if your Job posting is expired. You must have current Job Posting credits to do relist a Job.
Job Dashboard Edit

Relist a Job

If you have Job Posting credits you can access your Jobs Dashboard, hover over the specific Expired Job and click the Relist link. We periodically purge older expired jobs, so at some point older jobs will not be available for relisting and you will need to create a new Job posting.

This is the form for Adding/Editing a Job Posting.