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Outdoor education is one of the most effective approaches for connecting people with themselves, building strong interpersonal relationships, developing resilience and grit, and forming connections with the natural world. The goal of is to support the outdoor education field, outdoor professionals, and serve as a link for the public to discover you and your program. We have been serving the outdoor education industry since 2000. Help us make all our programs better and more professional through sharing what you know. Do your part and become a contributor. 


  • Articles – Our Articles cover topics across the spectrum of outdoor education from staff training to program management and research papers.
  • Blogs – Our Bloggers bring you their insight into the field to help you improve your program.
  • Conferences & Events – We provide information on upcoming education events both online and annual conferences.
  • Documents & Files – Our Documents & Files section is for sharing downloadable documents and files from training resources, curriculum, training manuals, spreadsheets and database files.
  • News – Keep up with important news on the outdoor industry and outdoor gear.
  • Videos – Our Video section brings you YouTube and Vimeo videos on the full range of topics. 

Features for Programs, Organizations and Schools

Mobile-Ready: The site is built on mobile-first design principles, so it displays equally well on phone, tablet and PC. With 40% of users now accessing the Web from a mobile device this is essential to ensure that users can easily browse our site from any device.

Enterprise Search: Our unified enterprise search system means that everything is searchable from any page. Looking for information on risk management? Search and you’ll find articles, blogs, news reports, videos, trainings, and jobs that require risk management skills. Enterprise search means that your Company Profile, Job Postings and Training listings are included in all searches, not just specific searches on Jobs for example.

Expansive Company Profile Data: We offer the most complete set of data that you can include about your Company or School. Detailed description, searchable categories, image gallery, videos from YouTube or Vimeo. If you have a facility-based operation you can include details about your facility—everything from challenge courses and climbing walls to conference facilities and waterfront. That means people searching for particular types of facilities can locate you based on your facility offerings. If you are a school that offers degree-based programs you can provide detailed information on your degrees offered (associates, bachelors, masters, or doctorate) as well as topic areas helping potential students find your program.

Faceted Search: Users can easily use the drill-down search capabilities to search for details like Region, Job Type, Training Category, Company Location, etc. across Company Profiles, Jobs or Trainings. 

Email Subscriptions for Jobs: Registered Users can save Job searches and be automatically emailed on a daily or weekly basis when new postings come in that match their search criteria. 

Single Sign-on: OutdoorEd uses a single sign-on to access the entire site so accessing your Company Profile, Jobs or Trainings happens from a single user account. 

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