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Those of us who work in outdoor education know the challenge of convincing others of the value of what we do. That’s the reason we built OutdoorEd.com. As an industry we need to share information. You know the old saying “a rising tide lifts all boats.” All of you out there that use OutdoorEd.com, you are the tide and if you share your content on OutdoorEd, it will certainly lift all of us up. Outdoor Education isn’t just about teaching our clients, it’s also about us continuing to learn as a profession. That means each of us as a staying up to date with our field in order for our industry to remain vibrant, professional and safe. You can be a part of that, as a contributor and as a reader.

At OutdoorEd we’ve created a range of content types so you can present and publish your material in the way that is best for you:

Blogs – Our Blogs are a great format for authors interested in publishing on a regular or semi-regular basis and focus on your impressions and insight into important topics in outdoor education.

Articles – Our Articles are best for more structured content. They should be a stand-alone piece similar to a magazine article, journal article or conference presentation. You can include downloadable files and video in each article.

Documents – Our Documents section is for uploading or linking to downloadable documents to share in a variety of formats (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). The document itself is the primary content and the Web page includes a brief description as well as links to other Web sites. This is great for training materials, curriculum, staff manuals, and content published elsewhere including research papers, journal articles, dissertations, etc.

Media – Our Media section lets you post YouTube and Vimeo videos on the full range of topics. These can be your pieces or some of your favorite videos about outdoor education. Our great search features make it easy for people to track down these gems.

Be Part of Making a Difference for Outdoor Education

At OutdoorEd we have created a world-class platform for all of us to share our information.  Now it’s up to you. The more you contribute, the more you’ll get back both as a recognized leader in the industry and the knowledge that you are helping others to survive and prosper in this field that we are all so passionate about. I hope you’ll share what you know.

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