Outdoor Specialists

Company: San Gorgonio Outdoor Science School

Job Type: Full Time

Job Description


Our Mission is to Provide a Life Enriching Residential Outdoor Science Program that Prepares Students to be Responsible Citizens of the Earth.


After a slight pandemic hiccup, we are back and ready to go!!  Come share your passion for the outdoors with children from the greater So-Cal region!  We are looking for enthusiastic people with a love for learning and playing outside to lead students on nature hikes, star gazing, night walks, and other  activities in the San Bernardino Mountains near the ski resort town of Big Bear.  We are located at the base of San Gorgonio Mountain in a beautiful pine forest at about 6000’ elevation.

 We are a residential non-profit outdoor education program serving 10 – 12 year old under-served students; you will lead them on geology, ecology, and wildlife hikes in the wilderness.  You will be their guide as they see snow, wildlife, a truly starry night sky, and many other great wonders.  We will teach you everything you need to know; but we are always willing to learn from you as well!  

You work and live at site Tues-Friday every week, (food and housing is provided)  which gives you a long three day weekend to hike, bike, climb, snowboard…  whatever you love to do!  We are about a 2hr drive to Joshua Tree, 2.5 hours to San Diego, and less than 2 hours to many other great locations!  Our program starts in mid-October, and ends in early May giving you time to head off for a great summer job or vacation!  We are also closed for school holidays like most educational institutions which gives you time to see your family or go to Mammoth or Mexico, you decide!  We are currently looking to fill many positions, please visit our website, www.sangoss.org and fill out the application for the position you feel most experienced to fill in our San Gorgonio Outdoor Science School program.  Salaries range from $640 – $1300/4days/40hrs work week.  


Availability:  We are looking for several positions this year.  We currently will run Mid-October until Mid-May with a 2 week winter holiday.  

How to Apply

Please log onto our website, San Gorgonio Outdoor Science School at www.sangoss.org Select "work at SanGoss"  https://sangoss.org/employment-application-job-descriptions/   from our dropdown menu.  
Posted on: August 31, 2022
Job Type: Full Time
Job Starting Date:
June 22, 2024
Application Closing Date:
June 22, 2024
Job Salary Range:
640.00 to 1300.00
Years of Experience: Not Specified
Preferred/Required Degree Level: High School/GED
Job Activity(ies): Hiking
Population(s) Served: Youth - K-12
Job Category(ies): Outdoor Education Center
Region(s): Southwest US