Camp Health Officer, Camp Nurse

Company: Meramec Adventure Learning Ranch

Job Type: Seasonal

Job Description

Camp Health Officer/Nurse

Care for small groups of youth in residential treatment and other youth in state custody during an exhilarating 10-week summer adventure camp program.  Nurses and Health Officers are responsible for camper screening, health care, supervision of medication administration, and primary emergency response.  They also assisting with the logistical operations of camp.  Nurses and Health Officers workss each day that camp is in session from 7:30am-5:00pm as the youth participate in 5-10 day therapeutic adventure programs.  Nurses/Health Officers may live on site, camping throughout the summer with the rest of the Adventure Camp Staff, though it is not required.  During camp, all food and lodging is provided.  Nurses/Health Officers have the opportunity to use relationships built in intentional ways to grow our young people’s confidence, relationships, and purpose, as well helping them heal from hurts of the past and grow hope for the future.

Who we are:  The Meramec Adventure Learning Ranch, is the wilderness and adventure arm of Great Circle, Missouri’s largest behavioral health organization. Great Circle has multiple campuses throughout the state serving over 450 youth in residential care, plus programs serving foster care, intensive in-home treatment, and family therapy services. 

The ranch is a unique program; the only one of its kind in Missouri and one of the few therapeutic adventure programs left in the country that serve youth in the state system. Youth are between the ages of 6-18, have histories of severe trauma and abuse, and are working through significant emotional and behavioral challenges. Approximately 40-70 campers will attend each week, and are assigned to groups with guides and staff leading each. During these trips, adventure activities such as ropes courses, team challenges, climbing, lake and aquatic adventure activities, and the outdoors itself are used as a catalyst to build relationships and produce victories that grow efficacy, connection, purpose, and hope.

You can be a part of this critical program and play a vital role in the life stories of the incredible individuals we are honored to stand alongside each day!

When is Camp?

May 23-June 6—Camp Preparation/Training

June 8-July 3—Camp Sessions 1-4

July 4- July 9—Break

July 10- Aug 8—Camp Sessions 5-8


Do I get paid for these positions?

Yes! Salaries are based on position and experience, but range from $550-$650 per week.  Meals and shelter are provided at the camp, and housing is provided for time off if you desire to remain in the area. Practicums and internships are welcome.


  • Kids who are extremely challenging to build relationships and trust with, and many times will act out in extreme ways to find out if you really are who you say you are.
  • Long times in the woods with heat, bugs, snakes, ridiculously long hours, and few showers.
  • Opportunities to leave a lasting impact on the program.  Our team has created what the Ranch is today and our team will create what it becomes tomorrow.
  • Quality performance is not based on the greatness of your techniques or strength of your skills, but on the quality and character of person you are.


  • All those “challenges” mentioned above!
  • Never have two days that are the same.
  • Free stickers for your Nalgene Bottle.
  • You can bring your hammock to work…though we won’t guarantee that you’ll spend much time in it.
  • Looking up a night sky from your sleeping bag and saying to yourself, “This is what I get to do with my summer!”
  • Stand beside people who have seen incredible adversity, hurt, and pain, and be a part of their stories as they grow to change the world!

Experience Needed:

  • Camp Nurse- LPN or RN Certification
  • Camp Health Officer- CNA, EMT, or Nursing Student
  • A Calling/Passion to be HERE!
  • GRIT
  • Disciplined Work Ethic
  • Honesty
  • Willingness to have fun and act silly
  • Creativity and Ideas
  • Self-Awareness
  • Wisdom and Discernment
  • Willingness to learn
  • Humility
  • Unconditional Care, Unwavering Belief, and Consistent Accountability for yourself, the Ranch Family, and those we serve
  • It’s also nice if you have experience in Adventure activities and Residential Care.


For more information:



[email protected]



If you are passionate about being part of what is happening at the Meramec Adventure Ranch, send your resume to [email protected]

We would be honored to team up with you and stand alongside some pretty amazing youth! 


How to Apply

If you are passionate about being part of what is happening at the Meramec Adventure Ranch, send your resume to [email protected]