Field Instructor

Company: Evoke at Entrada, LLC.

Job Type: Full Time

Job Description

Evoke Field Instructors
The Evoke Field Instructor position will allow you to transform your love of wilderness and community into a meaningful, life-changing career.

Field Instructors role-model healthy expression of emotion and appropriate behavior, as well as lead by example and share their passion for healthy living and wilderness to help participants connect positively to their experience at Evoke. Instructors teach backpacking skills, low-impact camping ethics, yoga and mindfulness practices and facilitate team building activities and group therapy. Instructors act as a guide, teacher, role model and constant support to the teens, young adults, and families with whom they work. Most importantly, Field Instructors manage the inherent risk of the wilderness and oversee clients’ safety while backpacking in the beautiful wilderness backcountry.

Evoke Therapy Programs are clinically focused with Masters and Doctorate level therapists working together with Field Instructors as a treatment team to create treatment plans and goals. Field Instructors are empowered to be highly involved with creating a client’s personal treatment plan and assignments. Treatment plans are individualized for each participant.

Instructors work in a team of four to five with a group of eight to ten clients. The treatment team helps process the cause and effect relationship that living in the wilderness provides and guides participants in developing new choice-making skills. Evoke Field Instructors focus on teaching clients how to communicate assertively and be accountable for their choices.

Field Instructor pay starts at $175/day and progresses up to $275/day with scheduled commitment bonuses:

Prior experience is recognized. Benefits include full health and dental insurance, 401K plan, the most paid vacation you will find in wilderness therapy, a $2500 hiring bonus and a variety of professional gear deals. Evoke also provides training stipends for WFR, professional conferences, hard-skills workshops and other professional development. And there’s plenty to do on your days off — mountain bike, rock climb, travel, or simply relax.

Although housing is not provided, many people find living arrangements with other Field Instructors, sharing apartments with a person on your opposite schedule or renting a house together.

How to Apply

Instructors must be at least 19 years of age, have a high school diploma (or equivalent) and be certified in CPR/First aid. Preference is given to applicants with a Bachelor's degree in a related field or an equivalent amount of relevant experience, with certification in WFR, EMT or WEMT. Since you will be backpacking and hiking most of your shift (2-10 miles per day), professional or personal wilderness and backpacking experience is a plus, but not required. Energetic, fun and creative individuals who love the outdoors are encouraged to apply. To apply, please complete the online application; then send your resume to Evoke Entrada recruiter,  Brennan Dougherty Assistant Field Director and Recruiter Evoke at Entrada 2711 Santa Clara Dr. Santa Clara, UT 84765 (435) 674-9310
Posted on: June 29, 2022
Job Type: Full Time
Job Starting Date:
June 22, 2024
Application Closing Date:
June 22, 2024
Job Salary Range:
37000.00 to 57000.00
Preferred/Required Degree Level: High School/GED
Job Activity(ies): Backpacking
Population(s) Served: Adult - At Risk
Job Category(ies): Adventure/Wilderness Therapy
Region(s): Southwest US