Educational Program Assistant 2

Company: KidSpirit, Oregon State University

Educational Program Assistant 2
Job Type: Full Time

Job Description

This Educational Program Assistant (EPA2) is a team member of the Division of Extension and Engagement’s KidSpirit. OSU KidSpirit is a unit within the Division. The mission of OSU KidSpirit is to provide positive youth programming opportunities and training so that youth and student staff build skills, knowledge, and abilities that will help propel them into a future where they will thrive. OSU KidSpirit strives to be a leader in providing young people with intentional, high-quality, equitable learning experiences that promote positive interactions among adults and peers. The Director of OSU KidSpirit (Director) provides leadership for the unit. To learn more about OSU KidSpirit, please visit our website: https://kidspirit.oregonstate.edu/

Purpose of the position:
The Education Program Assistant position is crucial in enhancing KidSpirit educational programs’ effectiveness and quality by overseeing the comprehensive training, development, and evaluation of KidSpirit staff and volunteer professional development. This position will complete work across two Extension programs, KidSpirit and Outdoor School.

In fulfilling responsibilities to KidSpirit, this position will focus on educational delivery, staff training development, and program enhancement. They will collaborate with KidSpirit program leaders to identify training needs, create engaging materials, and conduct hands-on training sessions. Additionally, they will continuously assess KidSpirit staff performance, provide training for improvement, and contribute to enhancing program elements, ensuring our staff is well-prepared to deliver exceptional educational experiences to KidSpirit staff and campers. They will complete this work while staying abreast of industry best practices in youth development. In addition, the Education Program Assistant will lead KidSpirit’s Teen Leader program.

As a partner with OSU Extension Service Outdoor School, this position will collaborate with the Outdoor School High School Coordinator to create and facilitate one Outdoor School-specific workshop in the first year and two workshops in each following year. These workshops will be designed for high school volunteer leaders in working in outdoor schools, and will be aligned with Outdoor School program mission, vision, and values including Equity, Diversity, Accessibility, and Inclusion.

About the division:
The Division of Extension and Engagement (Division) is core to Oregon State University’s mission. The Division helps create real solutions and positive impact across Oregon and beyond. The Division is aligned under the leadership of the Vice Provost for Extension and Engagement. To learn more about our Division and its core units and initiatives, please visit our Division website: https://engagement.oregonstate.edu/.

The Division has built the capacity and expectation for employees to use digital communications and technologies in the modern-day workplace. This reflects our demonstrable commitment to using digital communications tools and changing technologies as a primary way to raise Oregonian’s awareness of and engagement with our organization, programs and resources. These activities will be included in the annual plan of work, impact statements and summary of accomplishments/achievements.

Commitment to inclusive excellence:
Oregon State University is committed to creating and maintaining compassionate and inclusive learning and working environments for all learners, visitors and employees. We envision collaborative community environments that enhance civility and embrace diversity. All employees are responsible for achieving this commitment. This commitment includes, but is not limited to, complying with Civil Rights and Language/Visual Access regulations. In addition, this individual will design, develop, maintain and/or carry out Extension programs to ensure that educational programs and outreach activities serve diverse populations, including those that have been historically marginalized/excluded from participation.

OSU Division of Extension and Engagement’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Unit

OSU Moving Forward Together

This Education Program Assistant embeds the commitment of the university to a collaborative and inclusive community in all interactions and duties performed while fostering a welcoming and respectful workplace culture.

60% Educational Delivery and Staff Training/Mentoring

Training Development:
Collaborate with OSU KidSpirit and Extension Service Outdoor School program leaders and coordinators to identify paid staff and volunteer training needs and objectives.
Develop training materials, modules, and resources for volunteers and paid staff grounded in Positive Youth Development and Equity Diversity, Accessibility, and Inclusion (EDAI)
Create systems and engaging training programs covering program objectives, safety protocols, teaching techniques, and content.
Adapt training programs to cater to the specific needs of participants, including OSU KidSpirit staff and volunteers and Extension Service Outdoor School high school volunteers.

Training Delivery:
Plan and facilitate OSU KidSpirit in-person and/or virtual training sessions for new and existing staff each term.Facilitate interactive and hands-on training activities.
Ensure all staff members are well-versed in program rules, safety guidelines, and educational content.
Provide ongoing training and support for multiple OSU KidSpirit programs.
Lead the KidSpirit Teen Leaders in Training program.
Collaborate with Outdoor School High School Coordinator to plan and facilitate the agreed-upon number of in-person training sessions for outdoor school student leaders.

Evaluation and Assessment:
Develop assessment tools and performance criteria to evaluate KidSpirit staff and volunteer competence.Assess regularly staff performance through observations and feedback sessions.
Identify areas for improvement and provide constructive guidance and coaching.
Compile evaluation data to improve training programs and staff performance.
Collaborate with Outdoor School High School Coordinator to evaluate and assess program outcomes and success of training sessions and workshops.

Program Enhancement:
Collaborate with KidSpirit program leaders and Outdoor School Coordinator to identify program strengths and opportunities for improvement or change.
Assist in the development and implementation of new program training elements.
Stay updated on best practices in positive youth development, youth programming, outdoor education, and leadership.

Personal Professional Development:
Seek out and attend professional development opportunities with director’s permission, including Equity Diversity Accessibility, Inclusion, positive youth development, industry standards, and practices, or other relevant topics

Provide lead work for undergraduate student employees, student interns, and volunteers.

20% Leadership in Positive Youth Development Workshop/Institutes
Lead and oversee the development of the OSU KidSpirit Teen Leadership Camp curriculum and program.
Organize and execute two annual Extension Service Leadership Institutes tailored to Extension Service Outdoor School high school volunteers’ development and leadership skills.

10% Public Relations and Marketing
Collaborate with KidSpirit and Outdoor School marketing teams to craft compelling hiring materials and effectively communicate the positive impact of our staff. Includes but is not limited to collaborating on developing marketing materials and strategies that showcase the value of our programs and the contributions of our staff.
Engage in promoting our educational initiatives and camp program experiences, working to enhance OSU KidSpirit’s visibility and reputation.
Follow OSU and division brand guidelines, digital publishing standards, and digital contact management data integrity practices for programmatic communications, marketing, and engagement.
Attend training opportunities to build basic knowledge and consistent skills to use digital communications, marketing, and engagement technologies relevant to position duties.

10% Records and Reports
Collaborate closely with leadership to align OSU KidSpirit’s Standard Operating Procedures with current standards set by OSU’s risk management, the Office of Youth Safety and Compliance, and industry best practices. Make recommendations for procedural improvements and contribute to OSU KidSpirit’s strategic planning efforts, ensuring that our organization remains at the forefront of safety, compliance, and industry excellence.
Collaborate with Outdoor School staff to coordinate relevant data sharing, and to maintain updated participant information, and records.

Minimum Qualifications
Associate’s Degree and three years of work experience (paid or volunteer) supporting community programs that serve children, youth or adults OR Bachelor’s Degree and one year of work experience (paid or volunteer) one year of which must be working in youth development programs, adult education, teaching, program delivery or related functions OR Five years experience in a field related to the duties of the position AND a high school diploma or equivalent. AND Demonstrated oral and written communication skills. Demonstrated skill to work with diverse audiences. Demonstrated skill to use computers for word processing, data management, and communications.

Contact Person: Karen Swanger
Contact Phone: 5417375437
Posted on: February 1, 2024
Location: Corvallis, OR
Job Type: Full Time
Application Closing Date:
February 29, 2024
Job Salary Range:
Years of Experience: 1 – 2 years, 3 – 5 years
Preferred/Required Degree Level: Bachelor’s degree, High School/GED, Other Degree