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Risk Management Resources

Article Date:  November 29, 2013

These are some useful resources on Risk Management.

  • The International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc. (ICISF) – is a non-profit, open membership foundation dedicated to the prevention and mitigation of disabling stress through the provision of: Education, training and support services for all Emergency Services professions; Continuing education and training in Emergency Mental Health Services for Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers and Licensed Professional Counselors; and Consultation in the establishment of Crisis and Disaster Response Programs for varied organizations and communities worldwide.
  • UK Health & Safety Executive –  Ten year old Max Palmer drowned while ‘plunge pooling’ during a school trip to Cumbria in May 2002. Like most accidents, this tragedy could have been avoided if the risks had been properly managed. This website is about learning lessons. It is aimed at anyone connected with educational visits, particularly those involving adventure activities. As well as reporting on the tragic ‘plunge pooling’ incident and the lessons learned, the site provides a range of information including a section on ‘Getting it Right’ and various useful links.
  • Aviation Human Performance Factors and Crew Resource Management Web site. This web site will provide you with a virtually unlimited number of related resources via links to NASA, the FAA, and other aviation related sites. The site is also designed to provide you with an interactive environment to support your exploration and research in the areas of Aviation Human Performance and Cockpit/Crew Management Concepts.


  • The Recreation Law Center – Analysis of current legal cases that impact the outdoor industry by legal consultants Reb Gregg and Catherine Hansen-Stamp.



  • “Lessons Learned: A Guide to Accident Prevention and Crisis Response” published by the University of Alaska-Anchorage, and edited by Deborah Ajango. (2000)
  • “Lessons Learned II: Using Case Studies and History to Improve Safety Education” published by the University of Alaska-Anchorage, and edited by Deborah Ajango. (2005)
  • “Legal liability and risk management for public and private entities” Van der Smissen, B.  Anderson Publishing Co., Cincinnati. (1990)

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