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Risk Management Training: Kick Your RM Practices into Tip-Top Shape

Erin Daily
Source: NOLS Blog
Article Date:  March 17, 2016

After years spent churning around the corporate buzzword blender, the phrase “risk management” has too often become associated with lengthy legal documents filled with useless jargon and stale policies. For the thousands of organizations in the outdoor recreation industry, this perceived norm is not acceptable. Neither lingo nor blanketed universal procedures are suitable when peoples’ well-being and, in many cases, lives are on the line.

Recognizing a need to strengthen risk management practices throughout the outdoor community, NOLS created its first Risk Management Training (RMT) in 2005, which has since grown to 10 trainings annually across the United States. The two-day seminar is designed to provide a structured approach and tools to build risk management plans appropriate for individual organizations.

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