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Consensus Altitude Guidelines

Author(s): Tod Schimelpfenig
Posted: June 26, 2010

The Wilderness Medical Society convened an expert panel to develop evidence-based guidelines for prevention and treatment of acute mountain sickness, high altitude cerebral edema and high altitude pulmonary edema.  These recommendations are published in the current edition of the Wilderness and Environmental Medicine Journal (Vol 21 (2), 146-155, 2010).  This is the first in what I expect will be a series of consensus statements addressing wilderness medicine practices.  While written for physicians and including prescription medication advice that is beyond the scope of practice of lay first aid providers, there are some sound evidence based recommendations supporting the common practices for prevention through gradual ascent and treatment with descent.   I don’t read any significant changes from current recommendations or from what is commonly taught in reputable wilderness medicine courses.
You can access the article here: wemjournal.org/.
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Tod Schimelpfenig
Curriculum Director
Wilderness Medicine Institute of NOLS

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