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Adaptive Outdoor Recreation: Adapting your program for students with disabilities

Document Date: March 6, 2011
Document Source: AORE Conference
Kristen Ragland
Derrick Taff
Posted:  March 5, 2011

This presentation by Kristen Ragland & Derrick Taff was presented at the 2010 Association for Outdoor Recreation and Education Conference. Kristen and Derrick present an excellent overview of how to provide programming for participants with differing abilities including ADA compliance and extensive links to online resources.Abstract: The majority of colleges and universities strive to accommodate diversity, including individuals with disabilities. Outdoor programming should not be an exception. This presentation is designed to provide participants with basic protocols and hands-on demonstrations for implementing adaptive programming. From an administrative perspective, we will discuss legal and risk management issues, marketing strategies, and growing demand for this type of programming. We will also cover basics of disabilities and appropriate adaptations for your program. Finally, participants will have a hands-on opportunity to be creative as we make simple and cheap adaptations to everyday outdoor equipment!
“This workshop was Presented at the Association for Outdoor Recreation and Education 2010 Conference in Keystone, Colorado. It has been reprinted with permission from AORE and the author. This material may not be reproduced in any electronic form without the express permission of the Association for Outdoor Recreation and Education.”