Age Group Coordinator

Company: Chewonki Foundation

Job Type: Seasonal

Job Description

The Age Group Coordinator is responsible for supporting campers and cabin staff and facilitating the creation of a camp wide community. There are multiple Age Group Coordinators and each oversees 4-7 cabins. Age Group Coordinators strive to personally know as many campers as possible and work as the primary liaison on the Coordinator Team to manage camper needs in their assigned age groups. Age Group Coordinators directly supervise and serve as mentors to Cabin Counselors, providing support for nearly all aspects of their jobs. The Age Group Coordinators are expected to support the growth and development of all staff in attaining their personal best as an educator, caretaker, and employee.


  • Experience working in camp/ educational spaces, preferred

  • Experience supervising or managing others, preferred

  • At Least 21 years old to drive participants

  • Valid driver’s license and driving record approved by Chewonki’s Insurance Carrier, Attend Driver’s Training as necessary

  • Must Pass Background Criminal Check


Supervise and manage cabin counselors including;

  • Conducting regular check-ins with cabin counselors and provide guidance and support as needed

  • Complete and deliver formal evaluations of cabin staff

  • Provide period off coverage support

Support camper experience through building relationships with campers, providing behavior intervention and conflict resolution, as needed 

Plan and execute age group evening activities, with support of Operations Coordinator

Maintain essential duties as member of the Coordinator team 

  • Meet with other Coordinator Team members to discuss and address camp concerns; 

  • Participate in Leader of the Day (LoD) rotation to ensure camp schedule runs smoothly

Hold responsibility for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of participants; this includes:

  • Develop healthy and appropriate relationships with participants

  • Assist cabin leaders with daily check-in process for participants needing additional support

  • Manage risk and maintaining the safety of participants

  • Provide direct supervision of participants as assigned

Uphold the Chewonki Foundation’s mission and values

Instill joy and enthusiasm into the daily life of camp 


Availability:  We will be hiring until filled

How to Apply

Please visit our Seasonal Opportunities (which can be found in small print at the bottom of the page) and apply for the position that you are most interested in.  
Posted on: December 7, 2022
Job Type: Seasonal
Job Starting Date:
June 10, 2023
Application Closing Date:
June 30, 2023
Job Salary Range:
Years of Experience: Not Specified
Preferred/Required Degree Level: Not Specified
Job Category(ies): Summer Camp
Region(s): Northeast US