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Application Deadline: February 13th, 2021 for positions starting March 1, 2021

We are currently accepting applications for 2021 positions.

 Many dream of working in the outdoor industry, but few find opportunities for real-world training like this one. Assistant guiding at Zion Adventures is demanding, rewarding, and extremely educative.  Assistant Guides spend their season under the tutelage of our corps of Lead Guides, learning to manage risk, maintain equipment, teach technical skills, and facilitate amazing field experiences with our clients. At season's end, many Assistant Guides feel ready to lead trips on their own and stay on staff to lead trips the following season. We invite our applicants to view working with us as a career opportunity, not just a brief stop on a seasonal work journey.


  1. Age Requirements: Minimum of 23 years of age by May 25, 2021 (vehicle insurance requirement)
  2. Desired Certifications: Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder
  3. Required Qualifications: Moderate experience with technical rock climbing and/or canyoneering. Confident and precise in speech, and uninhibited in group settings. Applicants should be physically fit, with strong hiking ability and experience.
  4. Desired Experience: Some familiarity with the canyons and climbing of southwestern Utah and the Zion National Park area, and/or other canyon/climbing areas around the country/world
  5. Season: Mid-May through Labor Day weekend (Sept 7) longer seasons are available as split positions where the spring and fall are spent Outfitting and Shuttle Driving.
  6. Schedule: In the field 3-4 days/week on half-day (4-5 hour) and/or full-day (8-10 hour) events. Schedule is determined by client demand and trips booking. Our aim is to create a regular work schedule for you where you have the same 2 consecutive days off.
  7. Challenges: Our assistant guides from past seasons have said that one of the best, yet most challenging aspects of this job is working with the 8 different Lead Guides. Each guide is excellent, and has his or her own style, strengths, weaknesses, personality, and preferences. Both you and the Lead Guides will need to work together to determine how best complement one another in the dynamic outside environments. Each day, the Assistant Guides and Lead Guides need to adapt to the clients, environment, weather and each other. No two days at work are exactly the same.
  8. Year-round work: Several successful staff have combined Summer Assistant Guide Positions with Spring and Fall work as an Outfitter or Outfitter and Trailhead Shuttle Driver. This lengthens a May-Sept season into a March-Nov. season, or in some cases has lead to year-round work. 


      • Complete initial training, as needed, in the Zion Adventure Guide Development Program (approx. 2 weeks)
      • Participate regularly in ongoing training and development to continue your growth
      • Assist Lead Guides with half- and full-day trips in the sports of canyoneering, rock climbing, mtn. biking, and hiking. Our trip breakdown would be approximately as follows: 90% are canyoneering, 5% are climbing, 3% are hiking, 2% are biking
      • Create a safe, fun, and educational atmosphere
      • Build, evaluate, and manage a wide variety of anchor and rope systems
      • Help teach students basic to advanced technical skills and techniques
      • Empower students to become self-guided canyoneers
      • Wash, repair, and maintain canyon and climbing equipment
      • Become familiar with the techniques and applications of basic bicycle maintenance and repair
      • Build an impressive knowledge base of the roads, hikes, canyons, and hidden secrets of Zion National Park and the surrounding area


      • Opportunity to design days for optimal success based on the desires and needs of the clients
      • A truly astounding clientele, from all ages, places, and walks of life
      • Train and work with expert field instructors
      • Live within the towering walls of Zion National Park
      • Pro-purchase opportunities from many outdoor equipment manufacturers
      • Work with an incredible team connected individuals dedicated to a high quality of life for themselves and our guests. We want the same for you. Unlike cubicle neighbors, we get to know each other. Our staff want each other to be great, to pursue excellence in all we do, to support each other, be supported and deliver a high level of performance every day.
      • Free tuition for all Zion Adventure trips and courses
      • Free use of company rental gear for personal recreation days

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3/1/21 or 05/10/2021

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Commercial Outfitter/Guide Service

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