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Job Description

Being an outdoor instructor is challenging, but it’s always worth it to see students immersed in nature, fostering a community, and building their confidence and leadership on trail! Our instructors know the demands of operating on the sun’s clock and sleeping in a tent for weeks at a time with peers and kids that rely on them. In the highs and lows of the trip, they're always present, creating fun, staying motivated, and working hard. Instructors are in charge of safety, satisfaction, and success. It’s not easy, but it’s so rewarding!

What is Adventure Treks?

Adventure Treks operates 13 to 30-day wilderness-based programs for teenagers in British Columbia, Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Wyoming, and North Carolina. Our instructors lead activities like backpacking, rock climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking, canoeing, sea kayaking, whitewater rafting, and ice climbing. On each adventure, the six-person instructor team works together to coordinate all aspects of the trip like managing group dynamics, planning logistics, teaching outdoor skills, maintaining equipment, and handling medical issues.

Why work for Adventure Treks Video


Personal and professional skills learned at Adventure Treks are applicable to many experiences for years to come:

  • Leadership and Responsibility: responsible for 24 teenagers and all aspects of running a safe and fun trip
  • Communication: with your students, co-instructor, trip leader, regional director, parents, and Adventure Treks office
  • Resilience and adaptability: positively overcome adversity and creatively solve problems
  • Decision making: confidence in safe, quick, and intentional decisions
  • Strong work ethic: the hardest job with the biggest rewards and fulfillment
  • Relationship building: a role model to students, creating strong connections with students, instructor team, and building a strong community
  • Feedback: continual opportunities to provide and receive feedback to students, co-instructors, and trip leaders 


  • We’re pleased to offer a competitive salary with the average for first-year instructors being $2,800 for the full summer season.
  • Adventure Treks offers travel reimbursements to help instructors travel to and from Staff Orientation
  • Accommodations, meals (and coffee!) on your trip, outfitted activities, equipment, transportation to and from the trip’s locations are provided by Adventure Treks.
  • Pro Deal accounts with access to discounts on a wide range of outdoor brands.
  • Reimbursement for Wilderness First Responder Certification for returning instructors.
  • Focus on year-round personal and professional growth which include career resource webinars and reimbursements towards professional development
  • An opportunity to work both Adventure Treks summer programs and Fall outdoor education programs.

Meet the faces of Adventure Treks and view the Instructor Orientation from last season. 

Applicants must be 21 (college graduate/degree in progress preferred), have a valid WFR & CPR certification, clean driving record, several years experience working with youth and leading outdoor programs, and the ability to maintain positive energy levels with little/no time off and very limited personal time

To Apply
Adventure Treks is now accepting applications for Summer and Fall 2020!  Email your cover letter and resume to Rachel O'Neil. Though we accept applications and hire on a rolling basis, opportunities may be limited after March. We encourage candidates to submit their resumes and applications promptly.

Job Availability: 


  • Important Dates

    • The start of our summer season and mandatory Staff Orientation is June 9th-June 15, 2020 near Portland, OR.

    • The summer season ends August 15, 2020

    • There are limited spots for shorter contracts that run June 9- August 1, June 26 - August 1, and June 26 to August 15th. 

    • Fall Program runs August 26th through October 25th 


  • Application Window

    • We are now accepting applications for Summer and Fall 2020! Though we accept applications and hire on a rolling basis, opportunities may be limited after March. We encourage candidates to submit their resumes and applications promptly.

To Apply

To apply as an instructor at Adventure Treks, please email your cover letter and resume to our Staffing Director, Rachel at [email protected]

  • Once we receive your resume, we will email you a link to our staff application.

  • After we have received your completed application, we can begin our interview process.

  • The interview process includes at least three interviews to ensure that we are a good match for each other. We will also check your references and perform a background check. 

  • This hiring process is time-intensive, but we have found it to be the best way to create incredible six-person instructor teams. Most instructor applicants are impressed with the thoroughness of our interview process. 

Application Closing Date: 
March 30, 2020
Application Contact Email: 
Employment Type: 
Job Location: 
Western US including Alaska, Colorado, California, Pacific North West, British Columbia, North Carolina, Washington, Wyoming
Job Salary Range: 
Job Experience: 
1 - 2 years
Job Degree Level: 
Bachelor's degree
Job Starting Date: 

Job Details

Job Details: 
Adventure Travel
Job Population: 

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